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Thread: The A/C is Killing Me

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    The A/C is Killing Me

    Aa hot as it is going to be all summer, I will often choose to bake in the sun rather than sit or lay in the house in excrutiating pain because of the central pain that is made three times worse by central air. It goes straight to the bones from top to bottom. I sweat on top while freezing down below. How do you get anyone with a tank top and short shorts on, to understand why you are sitting in sweatpants and socks? I don't care. I put it on 85, they put back to 70. Brrrrrrrrrrr and damn.

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    No shit! I'm the exact opposite. I love the A/C much more so now than prior to my injury when I just sweat normally and my body regulated itself better. I hate the humid heat.

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    My husband is sitting with a knit cap and a blanket that just came out of the dryer on. At night he wakes up hot and needs the ceiling fan on.

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    I love sitting in the sun provided the temperature is between 75-85. In the house I wear a winter knit cap and a scarf. If my neck and ears are warm, I do okay inside a house with a/c, but I'm not exactly comfortable.

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    I was soaking up the sun today sittin' on my new concrete patio. Until I nearly passed out from overheating. Then I bolted inside where the A/C saved my naduals.

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    It does get hot and humid in Alberta NQ. My brother lived in Lethbridge and the heat there was unbelievable.

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    AC kills my shoulders and back......I have mine set at 80 in the house....some stores its so cold i have to leave.


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    AC makes my legs and feet cramp like hell. My family doesn't understand what it does to me if they turn it down low and when it's on all night I'm in misery!

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    I never understood the AC on Honolulu buses in the winter time. It's not hot enough to need AC and most of the locals look like they are bundled up because of the AC.

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    I hate going into a restaurant where the AC is so cold you can't enjoy your meal.

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