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Thread: Paul Ryan's Proposed Medicare Plan

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    Paul Ryan's Proposed Medicare Plan

    Does anyone know if the new Medicare plan passes how it will affect those of us who are under 55, disabled, and currently on Medicare?

    Did several online searches and can't seem to find difinitive information on that.


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    Ryan's plan isn't going to pass unless the GOP controls the House, Senate (60 seats) and the White House.

    If it were to pass as written, people already on it who are disabled and under 55 would keep their Medicare.
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    Thanks RDF!

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    These Politicians got nothing better to do than boil water i've been keeping up with this wacky idea of his I think the master minds of this are heartless .

    They cut back medicines by substituting this for that etc.... it is pathetic . No one can leave something working well enough alone .
    Makes me wonder everyday because I hear this politics stuff on my radio like 24/ 7 I love politics and feel that life is rough enough .

    Many ppl have much problems in their lives and no one needs a harder life .

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