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Thread: Pressure sore from cast

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    Pressure sore from cast

    hello my name is christina and my son just got his cast off june 17 2011 and he has a big nasty sure on his heel and i was woundin what do i do i mean the doc said to use saline water and wrape it up and clean twice a day and gave me amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium for oral suspensior 400mg/57mg my son is 22mouths and iam worrieied are we doin the rite thing or do i need to be doin somthin else i could send u a pic if u nee to see what it looks like but i need help

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    Keep your doctor informed on any changes in the sore. After breaking my leg in two places I was put in a soft cast, but still got a nasty pressure sore on my heel. The sore reguired 52 visits to the wound therepy center before it healed.

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    Keep it covered, moist and keep pressure off the area. It takes time because it has to heal from inside and work to the top layer of skin.

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    how do i keep it most

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Caught early (stage I or II) most pressure ulcers will heal. If it gets to a stage III or IV, more aggressive treatment, including surgery, is often needed.

    First, you need to be inspecting your own skin with a mirror or mirrors daily. This way you are familiar with your normal skin and can quickly detect changes.

    Secondly, if you do have a pressure ulcer (decubitus is an outmoded term) you need to see a wound care specialist, either a nurse or physician. Silvadene is an old med that lots of docs who don't know much about wound care just throw at wounds, and there are many better products available on the market.

    In addition, you need to stay completely off this area (no sitting if it touches your chair, no laying on your back) until this area is completely healed.

    What cushion are you using, and when did you last have a cushion evaluation? What are you sleeping on, and in what positions?

    how do u keep a one yr old off of it

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    That is definitely a challenge. It will require alot more holding and perhaps scuring the child more in a stroller or a playpan might be beneficial. You're right, it will be impossible to keep them off it totally. Perhaps the orthopedic group can suggest things as well.


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