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Thread: rehab center asks why do you want to stand?!

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    rehab center asks why do you want to stand?!

    I sent an e-mail to the rehab center in my area this morning asking to get scheduled to stand on a standing machine--this was their question back to me:

    "I Need to know what your goal is for using the standing frame .I will
    then get order for the therapy ."

    My answer to them:

    "WHY DO I WANT TO STAND!--I'm tempted not to even answer that question--but I guess if I want to stand I'll have to...

    I would like to stand because I have read on the internet that it is good to stand so all your organs get a little break from sitting and laying down all the time.

    Now--If Pitt Memorial Rehab Center/DR xxxxxx an does not want me to stand, or to try some of this treadmill stuff I've read about then they/he needs to let me know now. I don't know what to expect by doing some of this stuff--but I KNOW THIS--if I don't try to do it I/we will never know whether it will do me any good or not...

    So you folks let me know which way you want to go...



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    Try to get your insurance to buy a frame, in the long run its cheaper than
    going to therapy for it.

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    We got the same crap from all (3) centers where there were doctor supervision. Go to a small private sports rehap facility that has a frame. They will give you what you want as long as you pay the money without the BS. When you are happy with it, get your own machine.


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    Are there support groups to help people get through the stupid questions, the ignorance of rehab centers, and the cataclismic entangements of billing companies?

    It's been a year since I've been to outpatient rehab. Every couple weeks, their billing company either send me a refund, or a collection notice (which they seem to send out without making the effort to bill me ahead of time.)

    If my mother wasn't helping me respond to them, I'd be buried. The very idea that they would give me a refund, followed by a collection notice (which is illegal without billing) is downright harassment. How do people deal with this garbage? I'm not gonna pay an attorney to deal with bills. I don't have any sort of settlement. But if they keep it up, I'm going to sue them for harassing me...plain and simple. (Note that I didn't even sue the guy that hit me.)

    I'm gonna start going to support group meetings. Because I really think that I can help people, most certainly the newly injured.

    Eric Texley

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