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Thread: I'm mad as hell...

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    I'm mad as hell...

    Well my ignorant insurance company has struck again. The following is why we must continue to teach the public that there is a potential for a cure and we aren't happy little plegics content with our lot in life.

    Received a note from my insurance company that they won't pay for my standing walker. They said "it was a convenience and not medically necessary." I was so mad I cried. I suppose they would prefer I sit in this chair until my legs atrophy. So I said to myself, "I'm mad as hell and I not going to takes this anymore." I'm going to write the Chronicle again and by the time I'm through Humana is going to wish they had never heard of me. I am just thankful that I can pay for the walker myself. I worry, however about those out there who can't. I guess you could say I have a bee in my bonnet.

    Everyone please continue to write, write, write and send it to as many publications as possible.


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    Pressed the wrong button before.

    Anyway, just a thought but did you / could you have your doctor write up a request / medical necessity note for the ins. co.?

    And do you have a case manager, live person, (I know, I created an oxymoron) at Humana? What did they say?

    Either way, good luck.

    Onward and Upward!

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    I'll pursue it.


    Thanks, I'll find out what my PCP wrote.


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    Mad as blazes...


    I read your post and now I am mad too! I also think that if your Dr. writes a prescription for the walker, it will (or should) be looked at in a different light...

    It reminds me of the time I had surgery and the ins. I had then said the anesthesia for the surgery was not medically necessary!!! I beg their humble pardon, but I for one don't want to be awake when I have surgery! But...I was younger and dumber then, and I thought I couldn't fight them, so I just paid THAT bill by the month...

    Best of luck in this situation! What gets me is that the ins. co's know that they have folks over a barrell...who won't do what is necessary to feel better? Plus if the folks at your ins. co were in your shoes, I know they would be singing a different song!

    Take care...


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    Your insurance story is even worse than mine. We definitely need healthcare insurance reform in this country.


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    Amen to your comment about "health care reform"

    I've told myself many times that after I (we) conquer paralysis I will then devote my time and energy to healthcare reform.

    There are so many holes that need to be fixed.

    Onward and Upward!

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    mad as hell

    Hi again,
    Sorry to see that you're still mad as hell. I take it Humana is your insurance co? It sure seems like you should be able to get equipment like that. You mentioned that you were still making COBRA payments. How long will you be able to do that? My limit was 18 months, the time my doctor told me to quit work, luckily I'm now on the county group which is Blue cross Blue shield and pays well. They even buy tires for the chair, hand controls etc. I just get a doctor's scrip. and no questions asked. Why not send a letter to G.W. he's a Texan. I once wrote to Clinton and actually got a response. I was ragging him for cutting V.A. benefits. It didn't do much good though, probably sidetracked by Monica. Anyway, the paint is still falling off the walls at the Milwaukee V.A. SCI unit. Maybe you'll have better luck with G, his sidekick is from Wyoming so if I run into him I'll put in a good word for you. good luck debbie and I'll talk to you later. I need to microwave my budget gourmet dinner. Thanks for the reply. Wr

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    Since you are in Texas, you might qualify to be partially funded by the Texas Rehabilitation Commission...have you tried this?

    They agreed to pay for Steve's standing frame and even his active /passive bicycle..

    Would it help if we wrote your insurance company to complain about the treatment?

    Russ Byrd

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    standing walker?

    deb i dont mean to sound dumb but is a standing walker the same as a standing frame?

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    You and me both Chris. I will become a patient advocate.


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