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Thread: I need a new leg bag set up for quad hands!

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    I need a new leg bag set up for quad hands!

    I recently had a supra pubic surgery to be more independent. But I'm not at all. I hear urocare has something good? Could someone help me with a full set up including bag, straps(quad friendly), valve and whatever else I need. Plus I know people say not to cap it off, but is there a way a quad could cap and uncap?

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    I moved this to equipment where I believe you will get more responses.

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    You will find plenty of possibilities by doing a search on this Forum for "electric leg bag opener."

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    I'm in a manual chair and I know it's possible to still do the electric bag but I know it's possible to be independent without going that route. Where do I find my post. Didn't see it under equipment

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    I use the Urocare drain bag (9016) that I strap to my thigh. Then I use this tube/lever (700110) connected to the bag. I wear mostly cargo pants that my mom simply opened up the pocket to and sewed some velcro to close the pocket. Cannot tell it's modified. Attached to the tube/lever is a loop that I use to open and close the drain valve with. The upside is increased independence since I don't have a huge drain bag that needs to be emptied not to mention trying to conceal said bag. Downside is I have to empty the bag often. About 5 times a day.
    I really like the Urocare bags because they have the red valve (6001) that restricts the urine going back into your bladder. I've have not had any UTI's while using this bag. Be carefull when you get a new red valve as they sometimes come sealed together which is no good. Any question please ask.

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    I use the 44 oz Urocare with that same lever valve. I wrap the top strap just above my knee and the lower strap around the calf. This keeps the bag from sliding down my leg when it is full. In this position, the valve is right at the bottom of my pant leg. To empty, I cross the bagged leg over the other with my foot resting on the toilet rim. With the long tube, the end is well over the middle of the toilet. While holding the end of the tube to aim it, I can use a finger to pull against the lever. The bag tugs the other way, and so the lever flips open. I have found that it works best for me when the lever is always pointed in the same direction relative to the bag and my leg. When done draining, I can shake the tube dry and use both hands to close the lever. Then, I "stow" the tube by sliding it up under the calf strap (between skin and strap) and keep pushing it up until the lever is upside down with the bottom of the bag folded. In this position, the bottom of the bag is about 1-2" above my hem line and so it doesn't show.
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    Do they make something a quad can use at the end of the tube so I don't wear a bag all the time?

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    As I've posted in the other thread...

    The leg bag opener I use is from assistive designs:

    I've used their products since 1987. I now use their pinch valve. It pinches the hose instead of having the urine flow through it.

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