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Thread: stiff person syndrome - Is Stem Therapy useful or any other treatment

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    stiff person syndrome - Is Stem Therapy useful or any other treatment

    stiff person syndrome - Is Stem Therapy useful
    Hi - anyone who can help or shed more light on my query !!

    One of my relatives is suffering from "stiff person syndrome" for last 5 years. I am told that it is rarest of rare case with very few patients reported worldwide.

    Is stem cell therapy advisable for these cases? Anybody having telephone number of Dr. Sharma or his email will be great so that I can contact him.


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    re stiff person

    hello this is my first blog ever so i wanted it to be important stuff , ok my brother has stiff person and is on a blood product now after baclofine and valium stopped working he is better but has bouts of rage , because we are twins the strong rage emotion seems to spill over on me, i get agitate and irratable got too many info gaps now keep in i ll touch

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    Stiff person

    I'm thinking of trying it, I can come up with no data.

    Would really like the name of the 'blood product' powerking's brother is taking.

    I will post results of stem cell, when I go for it

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