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Thread: Shooting a 50 Cal. rifle

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    Shooting a 50 Cal. rifle

    Hi everybody, I got the chance to go to the ''Day at the Range'' at the Andy Dalton shooting range yesterday and it was a great time. I encourage anyone in my area to try to attend this next year. They had fishing, shooting, skeet shooting and more, it was a great time. Also, later this year they are offering deer and turkey hunting.

    Shot a 50 caliber black powder rifle and of course the .22 rifles that they had.

    I just wanted to encourage everyone , especially quadriplegics without hand or wrist function that you still can shoot. Even independently as I have learned over the last couple of years you just need the right setup. I attached a pic for those of you out there that are high level quads of a setup ,they had on display.

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    Great job FA. It's good to see our Wheelin' Sportsmen program doing great things in MO.
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    I have a friend here in Chesapeake that has adapted a rig for a friend in NC to shoot anything he wants. This person is not only confined to a chair, he is limited to sip and puff. Alex and his boys (local to me) can rig up just about anything. This is more than possible for those with access to skilled machine shop and the desire to do it. --eak
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    I am tempted to post the video of me shooting my 12ga. with the mount my dad and I designed and built that didn't exactly work the way I expected. I aim it with my mouth and after shooting it with 2 or 3 slugs I got a mild case of whiplash, a sore jaw and a fat lip. I have since re-designed it, but no construction as yet. I'm afraid I'll end up a viral video idiot. I wish I had a machine shop and a skilled machinist to help build my constant assortment of inventions.

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    That is the nicest looking outdoor range I have ever seen.

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    Thought I would post a few pics of a shooting system sold by Be Adaptive that I have modified a buddy I have (c-4 total) that's wheelin in a sip n puff chair. With this set up he shoots everything from a 17 HMR to a 12 ga for turkey. Casey has taken a couple white tail, a bear, a couple turkeys and even a bobcat. We have also slayed many rodents.

    The system is the Be Adaptive "High Quad" system that I rigged up to a 9" HD DVD player to view the crosshairs of the scope and target. Casey operates the system with his chin on a padded joy stick and then sips to fire the gun. Its a quick setup with the seat cushion base plate, just drop it in, wire it up and start shooting.

    Lots of good times have been had. EW

    Setting it up in the shop

    Casey checking it out in his back yard

    Built a 2nd setup for a buddy Robert who was hurt a year after Casey

    Robert on his first shots with a compressed air pellet gun in the back yard

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    I looked into that model, but when you add the mount and camera scope up, you're looking at about $2500+ and considering I have head and neck use, I designed my own. If I had less motor function and more money, I would've got that one myself. When I finish get my mount's re-design finished, I'll post it on here too.

    I am saving my money for one big item though. The Elcan Digital Hunter Scope works like the Beadaptive camera scope, but records video and photos and isn't as long, which would work better with my mount design.

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    Wheelchair shooting tips video I made

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyarmy64 View Post
    Wheelchair shooting tips video I made
    I saw your video a few months ago while watching other wheelchair shooting videos. I wish I had use of both arms so I didn't have to use my mouth to aim, but c'est la vie. My shooting video is on the link below. I recently got the iscope ( and an iPod touch to make aiming much easier, but haven't been to the range yet to try it all out. Gotta get ready soon though, deer season is approaching.

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    Good job! shooting a 50cal is on my bucket list for sure... A friend recently bought on so it is going to happen....

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