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Thread: Apex 7000 Weight System $1800

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    Lightbulb Apex 7000 Weight System $1800

    Universal Gym for Wheelchair Users
    Apex Challenge 7000

    $1800 or best offer

    In Denver, CO pick-up only

    This machine is in excellent condition, just takes up too much space in my apartment. Buyer responsible for moving, I have the assembly instructions and tools required to disassemble. Photo on bottom right is the actual machine I’m selling, the other 2 photos are from the manufactures website. Bring all offers, I need the space more than the $, I would like this to go to someone who will use it more than me.


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    Would you like to donate. I would love to take apex off your hands. I'm in tucson,az and would pick up. I promise i'll put to good use. let me know

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    $1800 that's a great deal. Wish I lived closer!

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    If that pic is your actual gym in the lower right then you do NOT have the CH7000 that sells for $3300 on sportaid.

    What you have is the Bodycraft Galena which sells for $1499.

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    It is most definitely a CH7000, ordered it from Sportaid and was drop shipped in a crate from Apex. I have the curl elbow rest, just not installed as it really takes up a lot of space. The "bench press" bar is different than the one pictured on the Apex site, but is the one sent with the machine.

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    Ok, the bench press bar is what thru me off. As some have stated that it sits to high up.

    Both machines look similiar, but the Apex has adjustments in the lap pad.
    My question is, when did you buy this? also, does your bench press bar adjust out so you can do a shoulder press. The one on Apex's site does not look like it does, but yours does. Basically same machines, but apex just modified it for wheelchairs and charged three times the cost.

    i am going back and forth between the Apex and the one for $1499.

    Sorry to suggest you do not have what you stated, but that press bar really thru me off and I am wondering when it was changed.

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    No problem Tim, I looked at the one for $1,499 and wondered if Apex built it too as it does look a lot like the CH7000. My bench press bar has 7 positions, however the adjuster is about 5' off the floor. The more I look at the BodyCraft, the more I think Apex must just modify one of those or just copied their design.

    Where are you located? If you come disassemble and haul it from Denver I will sell you my machine for less than the BodyCraft! I have a couple wrist/ankle cuffs and a 5lb weight for the stack (plates are 10lb each) that come with it.

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    i think he just wants to sell it, not learn the history of it. just buy the bodycraft, you'll come out ahead cause you can remove the unwanted parts and sell them for scrap metal.

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    Hey Bud, I do not live in CO and if I did I would buy your machine in a heartbeat because of the preacher curl and adj back rest.
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