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Thread: any ski doo's riders?

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    any ski doo's riders?

    How are they to handle and whats your level? I'm thinking about getting a sled to drag race at the 1\4 mile drag strip. I used to race bikes and really miss it, I have a Canam spyder but this year the NHRA banned 3 wheeled veihicles from racing so I'm wondering how hard a sled is to handle and transder on and off.. Im a T3 complete..

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    I've ridden skidoos solo. It's loads of fun and most unpretty.

    I have had help getting onto the waverunner each time I have ridden.

    I ride solo schlumped forward onto the handlebars and stay that way until I am flung off after going too fast or turning too sharply. Friends fish me out/scoop me up from the lake by my ski vest and put me back on the waverunner until I'm too tired to continue.

    A ski vest is a must for me. The bracelet kill switch (another must for me) works wonders to cut the engine just as I am ditched off.

    I am sandwiched between two people if I ride with friends. My forearms go inside the back of the driver's ski vest and that's how I hang on. Then, the person behind me extends his/her arms around me and also hangs onto the driver. This way we can go fast without me bouncing off at every turn and speed increase.

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    I am a t5-6 and LOVE LOVE LOVE riding me some skidoos!! My hubby rented some for us for my birthday one years when we lived in Vegas and I had a blast!! I just hang on to the handles and do my thing. I have no ab control and was able to stay on easily and ride fast! Good luck!!!
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    You should have no problem. I'm a T4 and used to have one. Mine was a twin cam waverunner top speed around 80mph. Very fast. It used too much gas though.

    I used to ride it by myself. I live on the river, so I would just leave my chair on my dock, hop on and go for a ride. I am kind of a daredevil, so I would throw myself off of it riding crazy, but I can just pull myself back on. If you ride reasonable, you will have no problems with balance. BTW I still ride ATVs too. I have never felt unstable as long as I hold on(one hand off the bars and I'm all over the place)

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    Theres a few guys on here that ride snowmobiles still. I'd get one again in a heartbeat, but don't want to throw out $6k+ for a decent one, and only get to ride it for a couple days a year.
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    Im t12 and ride a ski doo. love it, easy to transfer height is pretty much the same as my chair. I find it easy to drive/bag

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    There is a thread on here about snowmobiles. I use to ride in CO when I lived there. That was 12 years ago. I found the Ski-Doo the hardest to ride. The Cat and Polaris were much easier. The technology has changed so much since then though.
    I'm a T6 complete. Not hard for me to get on machine. Back rest is worth its weight in gold. Be careful with heated boots or chaps. A friend burned her feet real bad.
    Ride some before you buy. Each brand is different and they each have a bunch of models.
    There are also some small companies building, very light weight with high, real high horse power. They use to make one in Jackson Wy, that I wondered why they put skis on it. The thing could stand on its tail and just go.

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