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Thread: Medicaid and Oxygen

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    Medicaid and Oxygen

    I got a call from the company where we rent equipment from and also buy all of my husband's supplies from.
    Because he is now on medicaid and medicare he has to have a saturation test to see if he needs the oxygen concentrater.
    If he is above 88 it is taken away.
    Normally he does fine on room air keeping at about 94, but on occasion he needs oxygen. When he had bronchitis in May, when it was humid and if we are doing a lot of suctioning it can drop down.
    Since he now has been dxed with chronic lung alelectisis I feel we need to keep it on hand.
    At least the Vest percussion, cough assist, neb and suction kit were bought when we still had insurance coverage and can not be taken away.
    Has anyone had this happen and any advice?

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    I would ask your doctor to provide written documentation as to why your husband needs oxygen intermittently. To me, that is the best approach. Let's see what others have to say.


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    My husband also is on Medicare and had to have a saturation test for the oxygen to be supplied. He too does ok at times on room air but becomes very short of breath when he moves around. SCI-Nurse is right, just have the doctor provide documentation that he needs O2. Don't worry, it will be alright.

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    I would think that the doctor's prescription would be enough. I would hate to think that the government drones think that they know better than the doctor. This worries me considerably as Ryan becomes eligible for Medicare in September. Fighting with private insurance has been bad enough. I know that fighting government employees will be worse.--eak
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