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Thread: Dr. bohbot's procedure

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    Quote Originally Posted by seneca
    Brians, check the link below to read Dr. Young's opinion of laserpuncture and Dr. Bohbot's explanation of the procedure.
    You only give the link to Mr. Bohbot's post, the correct link to read Dr. Young's opinion is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by George78
    You only give the link to Mr. Bohbot's post, the correct link to read Dr. Young's opinion is:
    This is an old thread George. I posted that 4 years ago so it's possible that the links have gotten scrambled since then.

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    People can find all the posts that I have made regarding Dr. Bohbot on this site by doing an advanced search... enter "bohbot" in the keywords and "wise young" in the user name. If you do so, you will find:

    I have said several times that I don't understand and am skeptical about the efficacy of laserpuncture as a treatment. On the other hand, I think that the procedure is not harmful. Some people are reporting that they are getting some function back. Whether this recovery is a result of the laserpuncture or the physical activities at the clinic is not clear to me. Al Bohbot has posted some anecdotal results on his web site but these are not substitutes for detailed examinations before and after the treatment. Ultimately, the evidence for efficacy must come from randomized controlled clinical trials where the patients receive exactly the same treatment except that the laser is turned off (without the knowledge of the patient or the doctor). This has not been done yet.


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    Thanks for your contribution to the debate. I post here to point out that from 1989 to 1992 double blind versus placebo clinical trials on pains were implemented at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Regional (CHUR) in Lyon sud (France). It was funded by the French government. More than 700 individuals divided in two groups took part to the trials. Persons who had pains from cancer or from psychological origin were excluded; pains from rheumatic or neurological origins only were included. During the study we noticed that individuals who had neurological pains with limb paralysis improved their condition at the same time. That was 20 years ago.

    My colleague, Dr Cécile Jame-Collet, does a thorough check-up before laser treatment. She checks reflexes, takes limbs measurements, and assesses sensitivity to pinprick in any new patient and each time they come back. It allows us to assess and document their recoveries. Any member of the CC forums who came here at the clinic for treatment can confirm it and certify their objective progress after the initial examinations. A majority of them is ASIA A.

    Moreover, a short clip is shot at each new set of treatments so as to make a “history” in the walking improvements. Besides, a thick questionnaire is given every three months to acknowledge the evolution and changes in the condition of the individual with SCI.

    At the moment we are making up a file to obtain the recognition of laserpuncture. It will go through clinical trials in compliance with the accepted scientific rules. It is planned that Laserpuncture should be applied right after the surgery performed straight after the accident. The purpose is to observe if functions can be saved by laserpuncture or not. Such trial is aimed at individuals who will be spinal cord injured in the future.

    On our website and studies, the persons who underwent a stem cell or olfactive cell therapy (whether in China, Portugal or Russia) are clearly identified from the persons who received laserpuncture only.

    It’s true that it’s difficult to understand a technique which does not use any cells or drugs, is non invasive, and gives results should we only want to listen to the ones who received it.

    I keep on being surprised at how much credit is given to the persons claiming their results from stem cell or olfactive cell therapies and how little credit is given to the persons stating significant results with laserpuncture. Wise, do you have an answer to such a weird situation?

    Laser is anecdotally efficient ;-)


    French / Francais :

    Cher Wise,

    Merci de votre reponse dans le debat. Je me permets d’intervenir pour rappeler simplement que de 1989 * 1992, il y a eu un protocole experimental en double aveugle versus placebo au CHUR de Lyon sud finance par le gouvernement francais. Plus de 700 personnes divisees en deux groupes ont recu le laser dans un protocole experimental sur la douleur. Les criteres d’exclusion etaient les douleurs cancereuses et les douleurs d’origine psychologique. Seules des douleurs identifiees soit rhumatismales, soit neurologiques etaient prises en compte. C’est d’ailleurs a la suite d’applications sur des sujets temoins ayant des douleurs d’origine neurologique avec paralysie de membres que l’on pu voir apparaitre les premieres recuperations. Ca fait 20 ans.

    Ma collaboratrice, le Dr Cecile Jame-Collet, fait un bilan complet avec recherche des reflexes, mesures des membres et evaluation de la sensibilite a la piqure avant toute intervention du laser chez les nouveaux patients. Le meme examen est refait a chaque nouvelle periode de traitement. Ce qui permet d’evaluer les progres de chaque patient. Tous ceux qui lisent CC et qui sont venus en traitement pourront le confirmer et certifier que les progres objectifs qu’ils ont pu observer * la suite de ces examens. La majorite est ASIA A.

    Par ailleurs, un suivi video est fait a chaque nouvelle periode de traitement, ceci pour fixer les progres dans les recuperations de la marche. D’autre part, un volumineux questionnaire est rempli tous les trois mois pour connaitre les differents progres ou changements dans l’etat du bless medullaire.

    A l’heure actuelle, nous sommes entrain de preparer un dossier pour obtenir la reconnaissance du laserponcture et celui-ci sera soumis a un protocole expeimental conformement aux regles scientifiquement admises.

    L’application du laserponcture devrait se faire a la sortie du bloc operatoire tout de suite apres l’accident afin de voir s’il y a des fonctions qui sont sauvees par le laserponcture ou pas. Ce protocole s’adressera a des gens qui, pour l’instant, ne savent pas qu’ils vont etre dans l’avenir blesses medullaires.

    Dans l’etude que nous avons menee, ceux qui ont reçu des cellules, que ce soit au Portugal, en Chine, en Russie ou ailleurs sont clairement identifies et séparés de ceux qui n’ont recu que le laserponcture seul.

    C’est vrai qu’il est difficile de comprendre une technique qui n’utilise ni cellules souches, ni medicaments, qui n’est pas invasive, et qui au dire des temoignages de ceux qui l’ont reçue donne des resultats.

    Je m’etonne toujours que l’on accorde du credit * ceux qui disent, quand ils ont reçu les techniques des cellules souches ou olfactives qu’ils n’ont eu peu ou pas de resultats, et que l’on ne prend pas en compte ceux qui ont eu des resultats objectifs avec le laserponcture. Avez-vous, Wise, une reponse * cette étrange situation ?

    Le laser est anecdoctiquement efficace ;-)


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    Al, thank you very much for the information. Wise.

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    Dr Young Dr Bohbot

    thanks for your post and hard work.


    Dr Bohbot, on your web site I see four patients who received transplant procedure.

    Arnar - Iceland- Dr Lima procedure
    Ovidiu - Romania - Dr Huang procedure
    Vladimir - Spain/Russia - Dr Brohovietzky procedure
    Susan - USA- Dr Lima procedure

    can you provide testimony from those patients. We would appreciate if we have the opinion about transplant procedure and laser puncture treatment at your clinic.

    Dear Susan, Vladimir, Arnar and Ovidiu please help us to clarify this matter. Your opinion is very valuable to us. Thousand of people will appreciate it.

    We have to add also how much Dr Bohbot Treatment per information from web site.

    treatment 80 euros a day = 100 dollars a day
    plus accomodation = 50 dollars per day
    plus transportation = 50 per day
    plus food and other expenses = 50 per day
    total = 250 dollars per day

    if you stay two weeks = 3500 dollars
    four times a year (recommended) = 14000 dollars


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    I went twice in 2004 for about a week, 2 sessions per day. I think you would only go 4 times a year if you were sure it was making a difference. Its difficult to say whether the treatment made any difference. But there were people there who swore by it. It is incremental improvements not a miracle cure. I was impressed with the way at night my muscles/nerves were tingling away as if something had triggered them to try to connect. The only time I had that sensation was straight after my accident. I have made incremental improvements in strength anyhow from my accident 3 years ago so it would be difficult to discern whether this treatment had anything to do with it. I am very incomplete, central cord just deficiency in shoulders.

    good luck whatever your decision.

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    Thanks for giving the costs. However I’d like to make some corrections:

    Treatment, 85 euros a day = $102
    + accommodation, 160 euros to 300 euros a week = $192 to $360 (i.e. $27.50 to $51 a day)
    + car rental, approx. 340 euros a week = $408 (i.e. $30 a day)
    + food and other expenses = $50 a day

    Total: from $210 to $233 a day

    Two weeks = $2530 to $2855
    Four times a year = $10,120 to $11,420

    As for the other testimonies, I believe Susan and Vladimir read the forums. Regarding Ovidiu, you can check out a short report that aired earlier this year on France 5 (French channel), link: (Realplayer)


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    Hi everyone..,

    I had this talk before here, but here i'm going again..,
    I don't believe the laserpuncture is effective in any ways.
    Dr. Boboth performed the laser treatment here in Portugal (2 treatments per week for 8 months) to more than 30 people (me included) and i don't know of anyone that got anything in return.
    I also know a portuguese patient that went to France , he even moved to a home near dr.Boboth, and he was there for several months, and well.., he got the same back as i did (nothing).

    take care,

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    How is it then that the Portuguese who claim they did not make progress declared to the Portuguese TV that they DID in two TV shows (2000):
    - Julia Pinheiro, channel SIC, 8 March 2000
    - Cristina Caraslindas, channel TVI, 19 July 2000
    We have copies of the tapes.
    Should we infer that the Portuguese interviewed were liars?

    Bruno always presents the same arguments and we offer the same arguments in return.

    There are almost 100 videos reporting of the patients' progress on our website and only the Portuguese people would not progress. It sounds weird.


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