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Thread: Dr. bohbot's procedure

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    So dr.Boboth, you are saying that people did improved ?
    If they did, why did they stopped the "treatments" then ?

    About the TV shows.., we all know how that works don't we ?
    I was also invited to go to those shows, to talk about my progress, to show how i was "walking" .., i choosed not to because i was already "walking" that way, it was not the laserpuncture that made me "walk" like that.
    The video you once had with me in your website, i was also walking in it, but i was allways like that, it was not your treatment that allowed me to do that., so regarding the videos on your website, i take them with a grain of salt.
    The diference is that people is under a big psycological preassure, they want to believe that they are improving, and with that belief they tell others that they are improving, it's as simple as that.
    If i'm doing a treatment i expect to recover, i want to recover, i want to believe that i'm recovering, and so, i pass this message to others.


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    We have a question - what to do now???

    Five medical centers offer treatment for us.

    I made deep consideration and analysis of those treatments offered by Dr. Lima, Dr. Huang, Dr Brukhovietzky, and Dr. Kleibloson. All treatments are in the experimental stage using patients money.

    i considered:
    1 method of treatment
    2 intervention of treatment to my spinal cord and body
    3 risk/safety of the treatment
    4 cost of the treatment
    5 RESULT

    and finally i made a decision.
    i will wait, i will intensify my exercise and i will wait.
    or, or .... maybe
    i will try one year laserpuncture - (one year only) and i will wait

    i have not made any suggestion. this my decision about me.



    thanks for your post. do you have any opinion about dr lima procedure. if so please describe.


    Dr Bohbot thanks for your correction of cost of your treatment annually. I would like to add something to that cost... one bottle of french wine, $25 per visit, not per day... leading to 4 times a year at 100 dollars annually.

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    Hi e.t.

    With an annual budget of $100, you can get 10 bottles of good French wine in our area :-)


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    thanks for additional video of Ovidiu and Ivan. is there any way to get testimony - few words of their opinion on the progress of their treatments. a comparison perhaps of then and now??? meaning between laser puncture and their treatment in china.

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    I sent you an PM.


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    Dr. bohbot's procedure

    hi! my name is mirel and i am a T7-8 complete since summer of 2005.Ovidiu is my friend and he is a T11-12 complete since 2001.So far he got Dr. Huang's procedure in China,Dr.Mally Judith,s in Hungary and Dr. Bohbot's in France.on 3rd of april he is gonna go back in France for his third session.I am watching his progress since last summer after the accident i had in Knoxville ,Tennese and i can tell you guys, is amazing.Yesterday ,i spoke with him on the phone (he is leaving in Romania) and he told me that he is using his wheelchair only he is to tired ,otherwise he is walking with KAFO's all the time.the amazing thing is that he has a girlfriend and her apartment is at second floor in a building with no elevator ,so he has to climb 30 steps in order to get to her house.with a help of a friend and railings he does that.let me summarize his story :he is at the point where he feels his bladder and bowel ,no more cathetering and suppositoryes,he feels his hips,he has movement his right leg more than in the left one ,he told me that he started to set the stationary bike with ressistance for the workout and his legs feel really tired after the exercises.
    when i asked him witch of the methods he got the improvments from, he could not tell me,but he also stated that after Dr Bohbot's he feels more improvments and he belives in laserponcture and that why he keeps going there at every 3 between trips he is exercising home every day with heavy weights and fitness machines.
    So, guys in stand of judging Dr. Bohbot for his procedure you should get your plain tickets and go there and try it.He is a pioneer in this kind of treatment and of course his method is not at the highest level it could be ,but he is trying to get there and we need to help him to get there because only with us he can improve his procedure.I am waiting for my KAFOs and i will go there ,too.Probably next month.
    i hope you will excuse my my second language!

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    Only hope this procedure performed by dr.Boboth is truly benefited for the SCI patient and I am looking forward to knowing more and more evidence.

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    Thanks alextaz

    Dr.Mally Judith,s in Hungary
    Can you give details, whot treatment she provides, laser puncture also

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    We posted a new video of Ovidiu's impressive progress on our website Check out the "videos" and look for the name of "Ovidiu".


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