So dr.Boboth, you are saying that people did improved ?
If they did, why did they stopped the "treatments" then ?

About the TV shows.., we all know how that works don't we ?
I was also invited to go to those shows, to talk about my progress, to show how i was "walking" .., i choosed not to because i was already "walking" that way, it was not the laserpuncture that made me "walk" like that.
The video you once had with me in your website, i was also walking in it, but i was allways like that, it was not your treatment that allowed me to do that., so regarding the videos on your website, i take them with a grain of salt.
The diference is that people is under a big psycological preassure, they want to believe that they are improving, and with that belief they tell others that they are improving, it's as simple as that.
If i'm doing a treatment i expect to recover, i want to recover, i want to believe that i'm recovering, and so, i pass this message to others.