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Thread: Training a puppy??

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    Training a puppy??

    I just got the most adorable little yorkie pup. She's a wonderful dog. The only problem I have is housebreaking her. I want her to go in the grass to do her business, but since I can't roll in the grass I'm stuck on the cement and she won't leave my side. Sometimes she'll go on the cement or wait and do it in the house. Any tips for puppy training? I love her soooo much

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    you didnt post a picture whats wrong here, you say puppy and no picture?

    do you tell her to go pee? push her a way a little and say Go pee!
    it only takes a few times of you making a big deal about it and giving her a cookie, and she will start to get it.

    about ten minutes after she eats, take her out, when she wakes up, if she starts sniffing around, and if you catch her in the act, holler no!
    I was not getting around when I house broke my cairn terrier. they are similar in temperment and intelligence, so she will learn fast. are you crate training her too?

    she would be ok in a crate next to your bed at night. they dont like to poo where they sleep, and you can whisk her right outside in the morning to pee, (dont forget to tell her how good she is), and then feed her, take her out again to poo a few minutes later,.....I have house broken many dachunds, one cairn, and a cockerspaniel this way, and the terrier was most eager to please me, so learned very fast with this method.
    congratulations on your new family addition,
    dont forget to put some pictures up.

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    a good mother dog will have taught her not to soil her bed, and that is why they need to stay 8-10 weeks with their mom.

    if you got her from a resposible breeder, she is trained by her mother not to soil her bed.

    If you got her from a pet store, she may be harder to house train, because they take them away up to thee weeks early so have had less time for the mom to paper train them.
    Most breeders use a whelping box designed for the moms training and they have an area to put down paper, and as soon as they can get out of the bed she starts reprimanding them for peeing or pooing too close to where they sleep, so in a way its only about your puppy understanding where you want them to go.

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    Ok, she just really annoyed me this morning. I sit out there with her for almost half an hour and she doesn't poop. As soon as we go inside, she pooped 2x :/ She sleeps in the bed with me and hasn't made a mess in there...shes about 14 weeks old. I don't want to crate train and have one of those baby play pens I put her in when I go out which is only a few hours a day. She's pooped in there too :/ I got her from a breeder, no pet store pups for me.

    I will post some pics when I'm not upset with doesn't last very long. Thanks for the responses

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    Why don't you want to crate train? It really is very effective and humane.

    Also, try to take her out immediately after she eats. Walking her will help instead of just waiting for her to go right outside.

    I'm glad to hear you didn't buy her from a pet store, by the way.

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    I completely agree on the crate training, from experience...I have a mini wiener dog and a big bull mastiff and both are crate trained. If you don't make the crate a punishment place then they will think of it as their home. Dogs come from a family of packs and having a den(home). They like to have their own area that they consider their own and their home, as we do. When we have to use the bathroom we go in the toilet, not on the floor, cause then it's a mess in the house. Same as for the pups, they don't want to ruin their "home". You have to make sure that you get a crate that is ONLY big enough for them to be able to stand up and turn around in. NOT TO WALK AROUND! Cause then they will do their mess in the corner and sleep away from it.
    In the beginning when the pup is very small, put him/her in the crate during the day and out when it is ONLY time to eat/go pottty/or if you are gonna play, otherwise, in the crate. You have to get her/him used to the crate and have it be their home.
    From when both my kids..babies.. I mean dogs,lol, were very little they have known the word POTTY. I use it every time I take them out so they would know when I say it, to go. Crazy how smart dogs really are or can be. My dogs get "Potty" done in seconds from when I say it. I will say "go potty" and they both will get it done, no problem. Otherwise they will mess off and sniff here and there, which is fine, but not all the time. I suggest when you take her outside to go potty just keep her on a leash and stick her on the grass and continue to say "go potty" or just "potty" and when ever she does go give HUGE praises! and use the word potty again (Good girl you went "potty" outside!!) If she doesn't go, back into the crate. It takes time/patience, but will be soo worth it! Our pups also know that after their first poop of the day they get a treat. ONLY if they poop. Now it's a routine (Get up, eat, potty"poop", treat, happy doggies)
    Another thing, feedings, some people feed twice a day or leave a bowl out. DON'T leave a bowl out for feeding whenever they want. It will either make them make a mess indoors or make them overweight. Which with having a little doggie, you don't want that! I feed my dogs once a day in the morning. They get to eat till they are full and that's it. As far as water, they get it when they want until about 5-6 o'clock at night. They sleep inside, no crate, with no messes. My little wiener dog sleeps on my chair,everynight, too cute!
    Now I have the best 3 year old dogs in the world. They don't mess in the house, they go potty when I take them out and say it, and they sleep in or out of their crates. They both will go in their crates (den) by choice and hang out, because they like it, even when were home. And if we leave for a couple hours they go in their crates no problem, and that's all because I made it a home for them. I have never had a mess in the crates in years!!!

    Hope this helps, and trust me it WORKS!!
    Feel free to ask me any other questions. Consider me the wheeliedoggiewhisper
    God is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    Also, try to take her out immediately after she eats. Walking her will help instead of just waiting for her to go right outside.
    VERY TRUE!! Take her out right after she eats, or within a couple minutes. And if she doesn't go, back in the crate. Then try it again after 5 min, and again, eventually she'll go...
    God is good

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    I see some are in favor of crate training. I would just like to say be careful. Might be fine if you know what you are doing. We have two yorkies and a minature schnauzer. One yorkie we got as a puppy. one was a year old and was a crate puppy so to speak. The schnauer was 9 months old and also a crate pup. It took over a year for the yorkie to come around. Coming up on a year (at my home) for the schnauzer and I am not sure it will ever get comfortable. They act like they have lived in solitary confinement and do not know how to interact with other living things. I would like to put the ones responsible in a crate and let them live that way for awhile.
    My wife bought a plastic pee rug for the deck. It looks like a piece of sod and it has a tray it lays in. I was told it was 50/50 on a dog using it. The schnauzer went to it immediately as one yorkie. It is washable and handy for small dogs when you do not have a safe place to turn them out, such as traffic or other dogs that might harm them.
    My wife has patience and when the dogs we have and have had in the past were small she takes them out every two hours and gradually extends time to about every 4 hours.
    This is during the day of course, she took them out at night when they would wake and be restless. Seems to work. The yorkies like to use the concrete to go on, might be they dont like grass tickling their butts but what the heck better on the outside concrete that inside, easy to pick up anyway.

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    I have had 100% success rate with crate training. Of the three dogs I have used it on, one never once even went in the house as a puppy. The other two had a couple accidents the first couple weeks but its an amazingly effective technique.

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