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Thread: Dr Wise Young speaks about Spinal Injury & Cord Blood

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    Dr Wise Young speaks about Spinal Injury & Cord Blood

    Dr Wise Young speaks about Spinal Injury & Cord Blood


    It’s achievable not just within our lifetime, but within a few years,” said Young. “I believe we can fix a person enough so that someone who doesn’t know them wouldn’t know that that person has a spinal cord injury. To me that’s a cure!”
    This fascinating work has the potential to give tens of thousands of people worldwide a full life, and is just one of the leaps forward science is making in the field of umbilical cord stem cell research.


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    wowww... promising!!!

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    Can't say enough how much Dr. Young's efforts to bring effective treatments means to us all here in the SCI community. And, the potential for the far reaching affects of his science to help other people, as well. My goodness, what a magnificent legacy to have established. Thank you so much!!!
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    Thumbs up

    i love dr young like family even though i have never met the man, yet. one day i hope to shake his hand and thank him for all he's done for me, for us.

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    Thank you for the continued hope Dr Young. Hope you will be back to Wayne State Univ in Michigan soon. Would love to talk with you again and have my son meet you again, he probably was too young to remember you from last time.
    You are a great man!

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    dr wise is a hottie.

    seeing him speak of this makes the possibility seem more solid than reading about it.
    some are really going to get cured aren't they?

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    the best news in a long time. dr.wise is the boss !

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    probably the some of best news ever...
    C-5, 6 SCI. Took about 6 months to walk. Walking full time. Without any assistance since Nov. 2003 and will make a full recovery

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    I agree

    This man is a magnificent human being, a doctor, scientist, pragmatist and humanist all in one.
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    I like to hope Dr. Young will tip us off as to when/where we can start buying his therapy, well before it's been formally approved, but who knows. There's no way he sends this cord blood/lithium thing to trial without a strong, strong sense that it will work - that's not what a guy who was friends with Christopher Reeve in the 90s does. I'm sure a lot of us have tens of thousands set aside - we're just waiting for the word.

    I do not have Tens of thousands set aside
    Also sense sarcasm in the tones why ?
    Dr Wise Young is doing his best . It wont be therapy BTW
    It will be Trials Clinical Trials and particular studies etc...

    Therapy is a term for some form of fitness , Ie water therapy etc.... Wrong terminology .

    What Dr Young Does is more than any other Dr has done for us .
    He is compassionate in his work .
    The Feild of medical Science is intense
    I respect Dr Wise Young
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