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Thread: Transverse Myelitis

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    Transverse Myelitis

    Dr Young, Is there any researh that will help people with TM. I am a complete at T-10, flaccid paralysis.

    Jeff C Holtan

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    Hi Jeff,

    Until Dr Young gets to your post I can point you to a few sites where you can read up on TM and its research. If you haven't joined the Transverse Myelitis Association yet I strongly urge you to do so. Membership is free. They will send you a questionaire that they use to quantify TM and other myelopathies of the spinal cord (AKA non-traumatic injuries).Sue

    And for everyone who suffers from a spinal cord injury or disorder the PVA site has downloadable files that will help educate you and your primary care physician on how to deal with day to day issues rather than running to a specialist for everything. (Save them for the fun stuff...)

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