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Thread: Please I need your help with the Stem Cells

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterf View Post
    Send me you your mail on a private msg and i will give you my correspondence with a well known private clinic still in operation and judge for yourself what motivates this people.
    Why don't share it?
    Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

    Fenexy: Proyecto Volver a Caminar (soon in english too)

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    I will give you some extracts i don't feel comfortable sharing very private details in a public forum name of clinic is omited too

    This is what they charge for tests

    The average cost of the examination period is 5,000-6,000 euro (for up to 10 days accomodation for two people, the patient and the accompanying person), and it includes all the treatment procedures, tests and medicamentous treatment, if it is indicated.

    and one for treatment session for a (non-surgical) intrathecal transfusions of stem cells,

    In accordance with the treatment protocol the whole program of stem cell engineering is designed for approximately 2-3 year term and it suggests that patients regulargly admit to the Clinic every 3-4 months for continuation of the stem cell therapy and rehabilitation as well as for control monitoring of their conditions. The first hospitalization is usually the longest one and it lasts 21 days during which patients are offered a thorough examination (1st week), then, if no contraindication for stem cell therapy are found, the stimulation and harvest of the stem cell material (2nd week), followed by stem cell transfusion (3rd week). The standard cost of the first admission is 21,000 euro for a conservative medical program.

    all for unproven therapy

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