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Thread: How to verify the condition of spinal cord

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    How to verify the condition of spinal cord

    Dr wise
    I think only you have the expertise to answer this question.
    To this very day i do not know for certain if my spinal cord is completely cut or not.
    My operating surgeon has suggested that the cord is completely cut. He had operated on the bone structure but has not given much info about if he had touched the cord or not. on going for a second opinion (different surgeon) it has been concluded that there may be a possibility of the partial preservation of the spinal cord.
    Both parties have viewed my MRI cd's in detail. It has been suggested that additional tests be made such as a myelography of the spinal cord and a number of neurophysiologic tests such as electromyography (EMG) and somatosensory evoked potentials that would make it possible to precisely assess both the condition and state of the spinal cord. As the MRI was taken prior surgery in which titanium rods were inserted i do not have clear picture of the cord condtion after surgery can this be verified by other means.
    As i have the intention of enrolling for a clinical study to know my spinal cord condition is important.Again is it possible for such highly trained medics to disagree. Can you explain these tests and if i should do them.

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    what about an evoked potential, or your asia score?

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    evoked potential? please explain i am not technical
    I have made an Asia score but can this verify cord status?

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