Neurodegeneration Conference to Feature Latest Drug Targets and Clinical Compounds in Alzheimer's and Ischaemic Stroke June 24-25 in Princeton NJ

PRINCETON, N.J., May 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The "5th International Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, & Related Disorders" will feature on a variety of topics including drug candidates & novel targets in neurodegeneration associated with AD, Parkinson's & ischaemic stroke announces Strategic Research Institute.

The section includes papers on "Repinotan: A Putative Neuroprotective Compound in Acute Ischaemic Stoke", Ken Sprenger, M.D., Bayer Corporation "Kv1.1 Potassium Channel "Disinactivators": Targets for Treatment of Neurodegeneration", Wayne Childers, Jr., Ph.D., Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, "Novel Polycyclic Phenols Stabilizing Mitochondrial Function", James A. Dykens, Ph.D., Mitokor, "Discovery of Novel Genes Involved in Neuronal Cell Death Through the Use of Inverse Genomics", Kristen Rhodes, Ph.D., Immusol and "Nerve Growth Factor Gene Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease Cholinergic Neuronal Degeneration", Kathie Bishop, Ph.D., Ceregene, Inc.

The meeting focuses on applied efforts within the pharmaceutical industry and academia to discover new drugs to treat AD, PD, Ischemic Stroke, and MS. The June conference, the fifth in the series since 1995 and focused on applied science, features presentations of new work by a rich variety of pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic scientists engaged in cutting edge work in these fields.

The meeting is organized into 6 discrete sections, namely, Drug Candidates and Novel Targets, Vaccination and Sequestration, Prevention of Plaque Formation & Deposition, Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease, Ischemic Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis.

The agenda features 20 talks in total over two days.

To register/request the agenda, please contact Ed Drilon at; please include your full contact information including fax number.

To become a conference sponsor or exhibitor, please contact Mark Alexay at or 212-967.0095, x251