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Thread: Potty or tricks?

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    Potty or tricks?

    My 2 year old niece is just starting to potty train (she lives between me & my grandma)

    Well I have found it so hard to try to lift her and get her on a toliet, and the little potty chairs they make are too low to the ground for me to try and get her to stay on.

    So does anyone with kids have any tips on how you have done it? Or even a good way to get your kid into potty training? She gets the concept but really doesn't like to even go into the bathroom to try.

    Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    We didnt push to hard and when she tried we always praised her on what a big girl she was. I got her her own small pottie. When i got it home i told it it was her own. She sat on it and pee'd. I thought wow that was easy. She didnt sit on it again for months. She has just mastered wiping herself at 3 1/2, she also washes her hands when finished.
    We got a toilet seat that has a smaller seat that comes down when its her turn. She uses her old potty as a stool to get up on the big one. Good Luck........

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    I found a child step stool worked best for my daughter to get on the toilet. She didn't like the child toilet to well and I didn't like cleaning it. The step stool also works for her to reach the sink. Around two, two and a half, I could tell when she was going to go poo. I would direct her to the toilet and she started going poo very well that way. Peepee in the toilet took longer!

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    Just give them the tools to work with and they will do it on their own when they are ready. The trick is not to get mad when they still have accidents. My two kids were at different ages when they finally went on their own. Its okay to help them up but if they can do it on their own it goes a long way. I have always seen people reward their children with candy or other small things when they go.

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    It sounds to me as though she is not yet ready for potty training. This is a VERY individual thing. Remembering that she will not go to college in diapers helps keep perspective for the family. Also, getting away from the super diapers where the child never feels wet also helps.

    I agree that using the child potty as a stool to get to the regular toilet with a seat insert (most child potties now have tops that are intended to be an insert for the regular toilet so the child does not literally fall in) is a perfect way to approach it.

    When she is ready, she will potty train almost instantly. Until then, everyone involved will only be frustrated. My younger son was just short of three when HE decided that it was time. He never had an accident and it was easy once we gave up on pushing it. The harder to you push, the harder they push back. This is literally the first experience most children have with independence and they insist on it being on their terms. They have been controlled all their lives and what we are trying to teach is a form of self control.

    Relax and get a good mop that you can handle. Bribes can backfire on you later as they expect to be rewarded for doing the right thing for years to come. They need to understand the expectation and the consequences for not meeting those expectations. That is why cloth diapers (daytime only as flooded beds are a pain) can go a long way toward them wanting to use the toilet.--eak
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    I am ready to rip my hair out with this!! My son goes back and forth between wanting to use the potty and wanting to wear a diaper. We have tried it all.

    We've decided to just step back and let him tell us when he is ready. And now, we wait...
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    Sounds like she's not quite ready. Pushing the issue will only empower her and frustrate everyone else.
    Give it time. When she's ready, potty training goes pretty quick.
    I have three boys. Trained them all. The second one was a stubborn little cuss, but we got through it.
    I have found that bribery works the best. Sounds bad, but it's true.
    I get them a toy they've been wanting and set it up out of reach but in a visible spot -- like on top of the fridge.
    They have to use the potty for a week #1 and #2 to get the toy. If they backslide after getting it, the toy goes right back up where it was.
    Good luck!
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    Yup, not ready. with both my girls it was around age 2 that we bought a potty for the floor and made it 'fun' but neither was fully trained until they wanted to, around age 3.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    I too am looking for tips on potty training my 2 year old neice, who's living with me right now with my sister. She will sit on the potty no problem, and asks to frequently throughout the day, but she won't actually go in the potty. She will mess in her pull-ups and then says she has to go potty.
    I have tried taking her to potty every half hour, getting her potty themed books (especially ones with Dora and Elmo), getting a potty chair that makes noise when you go potty in it, and even buying different pull ups that have different prints on them. Nothing has helped.
    Any advice?

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    lol, Sure reminds me of my daughter. I would be changing those dirty underwear and asking her "When Kim, When", she'd reply, "Soon dad, soon". She's 26 now, so well past that potty training stage.

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