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Thread: Gas Powered Wheelchair Races Across US

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif View Post
    But why dismiss any discussions cause of that?
    That's where the dumb part comes in. Dumb people hate - literally hate - any ideas that go against their own. There's no room for uncomfortable truths in a dumb guy's world. I'm not in the trolling business, and I certainly don't want to make anyone feel bad, so I should probably go away. The way the moderators here are up the ass of anyone whose message doesn't make john q. crippledassfoodstamprecipient feel good about his useless existence is not conducive to anything resembling debate. So, feel good everybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manouli View Post
    Chad Dyreson's message is simple
    Of course it is.

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    Back to topic :-)

    Anybody has met the guy during his trip?

    Wheeling cross country to raise money for spinal cord research. I am excited to do something to help in finding a cure for paralysis. With help from Next Steps Foundation, I decided to take my “Gas-Powered Wheelchair” on the road. Figured, what better way to get my message out to the great people of the United States than to do it in a wheelchair?.....
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    What topic?

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    Back on Topic.....My friend Chet Dyreson made it to Washington DC today July 5th. 4,000 miles and 36 days later. He's in the New Jersey heading to New York if anyone wants to try to meet up with him. you can get a hold of him through his facebook page "wheeling to cure SCI"

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