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Thread: _real_ 4g

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    Question _real_ 4g

    not looking to start a huge debate here guys, but I hope some of you techies can chime in.

    What kind of timeframe are we looking at for real actual not just hyped 4G cellular networks here in North America, specifically larger Canadian markets?

    My old iPhone 3G is fading fast, seems slow these days. I've had it over 3 years and that has always seemed to be the limit the carriers put on something before they throw a bug in my service to make me come in for the latest hardware. Conspiracy!

    I signed my data plan before most people got into it, the first contracts included 6GB data, I still haven't used a one month supply due to the wide availability of Wi-Fi. And I'm greedy, I know I don't need it but most new plans are 500mb, my one n00b friend went into his overage the 2nd day, didn't seem to care and ended up with a $400 monthly bill. Another friend regularly pays $300 and seems content with that

    Sadly I've become one of the "sheeple". It's comfortable, iTunes has lots of my money and I am not that wowed by any other brand. I've almost bit the bullet on a few occasions for the iPhone 4 but ran into some vagueness about having to sign a different contract. Can I simply buy one outright and switch SIM cards and bypass my carriers salesdicks?

    Back to the 4G - is it conceivable to make due with my vintage 3G until TRUE 4G becomes available? I've heard everything from 6 months to 2013.

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    All that you are talking about is data speeds. I don't foresee a widespread rollout of a nationwide 4G network within six months. I'm pretty sure it's not as simple as just flipping a switch.

    News just rolled out today that Apple is selling unlocked iPhone 4s:

    You'll see a big difference in performance between the 4 and the 3G (I've owned both)… but as with any Apple product, they seem to roll out new versions every year. FYI.

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    yep, i have a 3g usb broadband modem for both places
    it does fine, pretty fast also
    the 4g will not reduce my traffic any. just speed it up some
    but my 5g limit is still the same, which i only use about 1g a month.
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    thanks for the info and link Scott.. time to ride the lightning and enter the 2010's, I guess. I don't foresee using most of the new features (video camera, facetime) but the wifi hotspot feature seems cool. No need to get a 3G tablet, although with the processor in it who needs one (I seldom play games/watch movies).
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    i am wifi only guy,
    the telco carriers are a big rip off, they have really unscrupulous business practices.'these speeds of 3g and 4g are fake, if they advertise it they have to delivor it otherwise yu should be able to out in an email trouble ticket at no charge, or a web form with real questions, not marketing questions.
    plus you should be able to have a 3rd party check the amount to info received and make sure the data used is correct and the speeds are what you are paying for. the telco cxr have been robbing the public blind with their average up a minute and next it was the biggest money maker of all texting/sms. sms used the empty part of the spectrum in all the carriers. there was always space to throw in some tiny sms, but not enough fr a voice call. then the telco saw they could make billons. why can't the consumer uses their paid voice time to sms for free? in a 5 minute voice call you could send a couple thousand or more , way more sms, why is the public being charged more, because the telcos back when america had some integrity in the courts and the corporations didnt rule the usa, the courts would put the telco's in their place.

    the voice calls that people accept as ok, i worked on for 25 years because that generation and the telco companies, monitored by a 3rd party ,forced the telcos to give the people what they were paying for.
    can you imagine going into the store and you item was $1.05 and they charged you $2 because they rounder up. the price doe a voice call when they started that was about $1 a minute. the telco carriers pay each other exactly what they use like 1/100 of a minute.
    i am looking forward to see what steve has up his sleeve, where all the sms is free, there should also be a simple code that you punch in when you have a substandard connection and get credit like we had in the landline days, it wasnt a code,but a tel# we called, but the operators were human and they answered within 4 rings, and you were done in a minute.
    rant over, retired pre-ivestiture telco guy, i do write mt federal senators abou these topic, sice the FCC has the aaction,brinf it back to the psc,
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    i'd say wait for iphone 5 coming out soon..

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    I also try to use Wi-Fi as often as it is possible! Right now connection with internet via phone is realy fast but still it's pretty expensive if you would like to use it only this way...

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    4G networks are noticeably faster than 3G when there's a strong signal. I bought a 4G hotspot from Clear a year ago, but ultimately returned it b/c I had a weak signal at my apartment. 3G data on a phone is fast enough for everyday use on a handheld, IMO (heck, it streams Netflix just fine). I tethered the 4G hotspot to my laptop.

    The iPhone 4 vs the iPhone 3G is a different matter. The iPhone 4's hardware is a lot faster & powers today's apps a lot better. If you do buy a 4 & Apple releases a 5, there's always a used market for previous models. Check eBay. If you try and wait for the latest and greatest, that's cool & all, but almost always short-lived with technology.

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    also keep in mind its just not your network speeds as in 3g or 4g the newer android phones are boasting 1 and 1.2 gig processors .... that will make them alot faster as well ... my evo 4g has a 1 gig processor and im on 3g and its hella fast with little lag .... im looking forward to the 24th when the new evo 3d comes , not for the 3d tho but it has a 1.2 gig snap dragon processor !!!!!!!! i find lots of great information and my research is done thru !!!! i live 1 hr north of miami which has wide area of 4g but i cant get it here which i think is bs ......but they charge you the 10 a m,onth data upgrade fee ..... ANDROID IS TAKING OVER .......

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    It's not 4G..

    LTE is the next big roll out. Rogers will start out it's rollout in Ottawa..No idea when it will get to Alberta.

    I have no idea when the other telcos will have it up and running...
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