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Thread: tell me about crunches

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    tell me about crunches

    when i lay in bed at night i've started doing crunches, 5 sets of 12 right now. what will just the standard crunch improve for me, i can't sit up from lying but can do the crunches like i said.

    my left side is weaker so when i sit or stand i tend to fall over to the right. what can i add to my crunch routine to help improve this, if anything?

    just sitting in my wheelchair at work what simple exercises can i do to strengthen my core?

    when sitting i usually slouch forward but i can sit up straighter if i try, it gets tiering so i slouch against my chair. but just the simple act of sitting straighter, wether it's 3 sets of 10 seconds or whatever, could that improve my core / balance / ability?

    Thank you,

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    I think in bed is a good way to do crunches , currently i have a small pressure sore on the butt crunches make it worse when i do them on the mat, again the matresss springs help you achieve a greater stretch. Probably 3 sets of 50 would do the job better. One problem though is how to keep legs closed, elevated and not moving when doing them alone. At work not much i can do, but posture is very important.

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    i do them with my legs stretched out straight, is this effective? How many days should I do in a row before taking a day off?

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