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Thread: Muscles coming back but no feeling after spinal cord stroke?

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    Muscles coming back but no feeling after spinal cord stroke?

    My friend suffered spinal cord stroke 3rd week of March. He never lost feeling in the left arm or above the chest, but was paralyzed everywhere else. After one week of intense PT..he was upgraded from B to C on Asia scale. Soon after upgrade they had him up on on lokomat and the electric stimulation thing. The left side started to come back first, he was released Easter and now is doing intense outpatient rehab. He does race to walk some days and Carolinas medical rehab other days. Unbelievably/thankfully about 2 weeks ago he was able to move his stomach muscles, his right leg and now he can move everything and even walk ( it takes sheer grit and determination) with two walkers and help of physical therapst down a long hallway and back. I actually saw him tie his own shoe..! Could not believe it as before he couldn't even sit up.

    The oddity is this. He still can't feel anything in any of the areas that were affected by stroke. Not a thing... I spoke to rehab person and she did say she's never seen anything like this..doctors are perplexed too as usually muscles lag behind the senses..anyway, if there is any advice or anecdotes anyone can provide, please send them through. Anything he should be doing to help the nerves come back?

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    It's early days yet and it sounds as if he is making progress. It is not unusual to have sensory ability and motor skills at different levels. Personally, I can't see anything to be done differently, but others here might have some suggestions. Good luck.

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    I had a spinal stroke from surgery 9/20/10 still have numbness in feet.
    Keep doing what he's doing have they tried electric stim?

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    Yes, he feels the electric stim is what kick started his whole rigth side...that and the constant working of muscles. He's still doing it. He still has cath obviously since he can't feel anything so we are really hoping that the senses start comign back at some point (even slowly just so we have a sign that he will be able to feel again) He is also headed to UNC for a 2nd opinion next week ( another spinal unit neuro at Columbia looked at MRI and said it didn't look like spinal stroke so we'll see)

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