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Thread: Intense Physio Study

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    Intense Physio Study

    I have been accepted on to a trial to see the benefits of intense physio for 3 months 3 days a week to see if there are any significant advantages when dealing with a spinal cord injury. I am a c6/c7 incomplete who can stand and walk with a frame.

    I know this isn't as intense as the walk on project but it is as good as i can get and free.

    Has anyone else tried this form of rehab? I am coming up on 21 months post injury.

    The 2 groups in the study will concentrate on different areas, 1 for walking on a treadmill and electro stimulation bike and the other on intense core muscle exercise

    Honestly don't really mind which 1 i do as i can only benefit from either

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    Intense Physio Study

    Hi mandorallen

    Please inform us about the result. I am a walking quad (C5/6) too and very interested.
    - thank you-


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    No problem Klaus,

    Had the initial assessment today, range of movement in right leg just short of normal but fatigues quickly, left still spasmodic. Sensation varies so much though, sharp and blunt on left leg good where right not as sensitive.

    Looking forward to study starting in 2 weeks

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    How cool! I'm jealous that you get to do this.

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    Well its been interesting. The study finishes in 2 weeks. I have enjoyed the fes bike and the core exercises but i have to say the walking on the treadmill has been disappointing. Its great for squats but only being able to control my right leg ( I have foot drop on the left and no calf/ankle control) means that you are reliant on the physios to move the left leg and while they have been great they each have a different style of placing the left foot which even with instruction they seem to find getting a rythm hard. Being in the harness is great because you feel as though you aren't sat inside your hips (when i stand from sitting normally i feel so compacted and stiff) but are actually resting on them. My biggest query still is when i'm sat and stand up i am so stiff yet when i stand and sit down i am just as stiff. Anyone got any suggestions to aid this??

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