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Thread: Callus under tailbone

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    Callus under tailbone

    I am getting a new callus under my tail bone for the third time. First time it took about three years for it to grow and the doctor just took it off and said it was nothing, the second time I really didn't understand what it was, it was so painful when I was sitting in a normal chair and I was looking and it was big as my nail on the little finger. I took it off again and even that was difficult and painful and it was hard as stone. That is maybe a month ago and now it is starting again and it is growing even quicker. I had a pressure sore there 41 years ago and the skin has always been a little thin there and sometimes it gets red. I have put something we call white vaseline from the pharmacy on to make it soft but it is not helping. It is coming again and I am not sure if it is OK to take it off, I am afraid of the skin under.

    I don't know what to do with it and I have nobody to ask now but I am going to the SCI doctor in September or October. My daughter, who is a nurse and been working in a nursing home when she took the education for three years and seen a lot of pressure sores says she has never seen anything like it before.
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    Just going by your description, I get the exact same thing: white, callus-like tissue at the top of my butt crack. I have had it ever since I received a pressure sore there back during my initial hospitalization 27 years ago. However, I have no sensation there and have no reason to suspect that it's causing me any pain. If I peel it off, it grows back quickly. I assume it grows in response to pressure, but it's not a decubitus and poses no obvious danger.

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    Do you have access to a dermatologist? I would have it looked at be someone who is a skin expert. While I only know how my skin react to pressure points (I have a callus on my right index finger just below the second joint from veggie prep-right where the knife pivots). My doctor told me that other than removing it as necessary, the only way to stop it was to stop prepping veggies. Since that is not an option, I have it removed as necessary.

    What you are describing sounds kind of similar. There is obviously regular irritation that is causing these calluses.

    I would ask the doc if you could use a pummace (sp?) stone in a very gentle manner on a regular basis to exfoliate the skin. I do this with my hand (though I am rather aggressive as the skin is not thin there. He or she may agree that this (GENTLY) is a good place to start. A callus will sloth off rather easily after it is softened with warm water. As long as you do not scrub too hard, it should work to reduce the removal rate significantly. I have gone years without professional removal and cook four meals a day, 365 days a year and we eat tons of veggies.--eak

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    Thank you.

    As long as it is not any danger for pressure sore, I am satisfied. Then I can just take it away before it is getting so big that it is painful. I have strange sensation there, I get a nasty feeling when anybody try to touch it, even myself. Last time it was like sitting on a stone or walking with a stone in the shoe.

    I can get an appointment with a dermalogist but not before I am going to the rehab for control, and honestly I am sure they know more about it at the rehab than any dermalogist. It is difficult to find anybody who knows anything SCI related except on the rehab.
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    I have the same thing in the same area on scar tissue dating back to my original injury hospitalization. It has required regular attention all my life. If it builds up too much, it can catch on clothing or something and tear the skin. Then there is potential for infection leading to a major problem.

    It is not a real callous. It is a protein material that is closer to finger nails from a biochemical standpoint. It is the product of the abnormal tissue cells beneath it. All you can do is keep it trimmed. Because it gets very hard and is difficult to trim, it is sometimes helpful to soften it with a preparation such as lachydrin.
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    I second what SCI55 writes. The same thing has been following me around for 41 years. I use A&D ointment to try and soften the skin or at least make it a little flexable, every so often I can get a piece off but I don't think it ever goes completely away.
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    A callus is how all my foot pressure sores start. I think callus building is the bodies way of trying to shield a area from pressure or contact.

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    Same here B. I get a lot of dry flaky skin, that will build up to a harder spot if I don;t get it to flake off. I try to keep it moisturized, but sometimes that just makes it leathery instead of dry, and it still stays on.

    Be careful talking it off, I ended up ripping a little bit of good skin this last time, and am babying that right now. (And of course, the hard part is still there).

    When I DO get it off, I either have nice new skin underneath, or sometimes another layer of slightly softer flaky skin.

    It is right where I had a sore that took 9 months to heal right after my accident.

    I have written here before about how it seems like psoriasis too as it is building up. I have thought of treating it w/ some sort or cream for that, but haven't done so. The last time I went to my phsyiatrist, he suggested trying putting vit E oil on it, that some people have had luck with that. I was doing that but didn;t really have any results one way or another yet.
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    Interesting to see that this "coccyx callus" is more common than I would have imagined. As 55 noted, the skin underlying the callus is not normal. There really is no treatment for it. As I mentioned previously, I got too aggressive once in trying to peal it off (just 'cause it's there, not because it was bothering me) and wound up with a small but stubborn skin split that resulted in abdominal spasms and took months to heal.

    I apply Creamy Vaseline to it every morning after showering to keep it and the surrounding skin moist. Before PhotoShop it destroyed my career as an ass model, but otherwise it's a non-issue.

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    Sounds like your doing the right thing in keeping the ont on the area to keep it soft and pliable. Until you can be seen by your health care professional, do you have a means to pad the area when sitting directly on your coccyx to lessen that pressure? Maybe something that does not require adhesive, which can in it's self cause issues. Best wishes to you!!

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