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Thread: Antibiotics created hell

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    Antibiotics created hell

    I'm a C-6 quad and have a SP catheter, so over my 15 plus years being paralyzed, i've ended up with my share of UTI's which were treated with antibiotics.

    Well, i currently have a UTI and was given a script for Ciprofloxacin to treat my infection and i've taken it quite a few times in the past. About two years ago i also had a UTI and a few days into taking my antibiotics, i got a brutal case of diarrhea that went on for 3-4 days and i must have crapped about 25 times. It was pure hell and afterward i learned that antibiotics can cause very rough boughts of diarrhea.

    So i started taking my Cipro on Wednesday for my current UTI and on Friday night/Saturday morning at about 3AM hell started again. From that point through today/Tuesday, brutal diarrhea struck again and i've had to crap non-stop from every hour to every 3-4 hours. I've slept maybe 1-2 hours a day since Friday night.

    As any quad knows, bad diarrhea is akin to getting stabbed in the eye with a fork. Over the last three plus days except for 2 hours when my aide is here in the morning, i've had to transfer on/off my shower bench to clean myself off around 15-20 times. It's not an easy transfer for me alone and can be dangerous, especially after getting weak/dehydrated to flat out totally exhausted from all of this. I nearly fell multiple times while transferring in/out of the tub from/to my wheelchair. I'd have been in big time trouble then if i had actually fell while trying to do the transfers.

    Anyone else get this type of brutal and extended diarrhea from antibiotics?

    I stopped my antibiotics cycle after 5 days even though the script was for 10 days and i'm never taking antibiotics for a UTI again unless i'm literally dying at the moment unless there is a near guaranteed solution for this problem. Nothing is worth the hell i've been through since Friday night. I have some standard probiotics here and i still found myself in diarrhea hell.

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    Sorry Duder, that sucks. A pre-biotic might be helpful in combination with the pro-biotic.

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    I think Cipro gave me C. Diff. Miserable stuff. Have you been checked for C. Diff? Levaquin gave me horrible shoulder pain. Apparently it can cause tendon damage. I am determined to use antibiotics as last resort.

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    Sorry to hear Duder, hope you get well soon.
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    I have found that it is absolutely essential for me to take a strong probiotic and eat yogurt with natural cultures the entire time I am on an antibiotic and for a week or so afterward.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

    All the best,

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    Sorry to hear you're having a rough go of it. I've pretty much made the decision that I have to have teeth chattering high fever before I'll treat a UTI with antibiotics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    Sorry to hear you're having a rough go of it. I've pretty much made the decision that I have to have teeth chattering high fever before I'll treat a UTI with antibiotics.
    Well, that will also be my decision going forward. This is the second time in two years that i've gone through this torture after taking antibiotics and i have no desire in the slightest to go through it a third time. I'd rather have Mike Tyson punch me in the face full force than go through again what i did the last three and half days.

    The big problem for me though is for nearly 10 years now, my SP catheter chooses to drain whenever it wants to. It constantly stops draining, especially when i drink lots of fluids and my urine is really clear, which makes no sense. So on a near daily basis i have to get things flowing on my own via using an irrigation syringe, then things will flow normal again. Being a C-6 quad though, it's hard for me to always do this procedure in a really sterile fashion. Plus, i only get two irrigation kits a month, so i have to constantly re-use them, which is far from ideal sterile wise. Five separate urologists have been stumped as to wise my catheter refuses to drain so often and i'm sure this leads to my getting UTI's so often.

    That said, i'm now in your camp, a UTI beats using antibiotics and the potential brutal side effects.

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    Duder, you can get sterile irrigation kits for about $1 each when you buy by the case:

    (use code 20nov11 to get another 20% off)

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    Big thanks for the link Scaper

    I never even thought about looking online for a great price like this. I get two covered a month from the place i get all my other supply products like catheters/insertions kits etc. I used to buy an extra kit or two a month for the 7 or 8 bucks each that they charge, but given i need to manually get my catheter draining almost everyday and sometimes 2-3 times a day, it made no sense financially to buy all the irrigation kits i'd need at 7-8 dollars a pop.

    So i just wash out the kit after each use with soap/water and then use those handi-wipes to wipe off the syringe tip before putting it into the catheter. Not ideal, but seemed better than spending 7 bucks each time. For a dollar each it would be more feasible. I never would have thought these could be bought so cheap. Thanks again.

    Plus, often i won't know my catheter isn't draining until the last second. I still have sensation and i'll get that i'm about to piss in my pants feeling from Mr. Dick and i'll start sweating via dysreflexia. If i reach down and my leg bag feels empty, i instantly know what's happening after going through this at least 2-3 thousand times over the years.

    Then my typical rush is on. Can i get to my irrigation kit, pull off a handi-wipe, wipe off the syringe tip, unzip my jeans/shorts, reach in my pants to pull up the catheter and extension tube so i can get at it, and finally loosen the catheter from the extension tube so i can insert the irrigation syringe all before i start pissing in my pants. That all has to be done quickly with my C-6 quad fingers that don't move and often as i'm experiencing dysreflexia with sweat pouring off me. This is hard enough to accomplish in time at home, much less when out somewhere and a bathroom isn't quickly available. Fun stuff.

    So sometimes in my haste to get this done before i start pissing in my pants, especially if i'm out somewhere, being as sterile as possible ceases being the main objective. Not having to deal with getting a handi-wipe ready, and then wiping off the syringe tip can save those 45-60 seconds that at times is the difference between finishing my routine before it's to late.

    Even better would be finding any urologist who could figure out why when i don't drink many fluids at all which leaves my urine full of mucus/slime, my catheter generally drains fine. If though i drink any decent or large amount of fluids, especially just plain water, often my catheter decides to stop draining as now the urine is mostly clear and free of bladder mucus/slime. Go figure? Then as i've explained this to different urologists, i get the same "hmmmm that doesn't make any sense responses" that the previous urologists will have also said.

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    I wonder if after so many years and so much bladder shrinkage, could the balloon just be taking up so much space in your bladder that it interferes with the flow.
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