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    Challenge Circuit 7000

    Has anyone on the forums had anything to do with Challenge Circuit 7000 workout weight machine? is the link. Would it work for a C-7 quad with wrist cuffs? I have a Uppertone gym but would like a comparison of the two in regards to a total workout. It looks to me like the 7000 can isolate muscle groups better than uppertone providing one has a decent grip and also 7000 has more weight on it.


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    Hey Garlin. I have something similar made by bodycraft. I'm a c6-7 and use ankle/wrist cuffs with no problems. Just added an assortment of hooks for the grasping exercises.

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    I tried the Bodycraft machine at a retailer and it was not same layout. I sit in a Ti chair and the exercises were all to high. I'm 6'5" and Press arm was shoulder height, Butterfly hit mid Arm! Leg curl on machine with cable had be rigged (tied off)! Store said it might void warranty and not sure they could do it. Then Figuring out how to incorporate a curl pad!!! I was lucky I tried it at the store first. Purchased the Apex 7000 and it was set up similar, but uprights were more verticle as I had to lean back on Bodycraft and pads were more adjustable and telescopic. Every pad was placed correct for my chair and butterfly and press arm were lower with multiple handles! Just FYI so not to make mistake I almost did...

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