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Thread: Question about leaking suprapubic catheter

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    Question about leaking suprapubic catheter

    My suprapubic catheter is leaking around the tubing on my abdomen. I have irrigated it, so I know it's not blocked, I don't think I have an infection, and take cranberry extract and d-mannose everyday. The leak isn't consistent, and seems to have no ryme or reason. I wondered if anyone has had this problem, I welcome any advice! Thanks
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    How long have you had this? When did you last change it? How do you secure it? Are you already taking anticholenrgic medications? If so, which ones and how much? Are you keeping your drainage bag below your stoma, and the tubing above the bag?


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    I've had it for almost two years and had it changed two weeks ago. I use a catheter plug during the day, and drain my bladder every couple of hours. I don't usually drain more than about 200 mls at a time. I find that I'm still wet on my abdomen, and incontinent also. I take 15 mg of Enablex once a day, and just had Botox in my bladder the end of March. (I have it every six months) My night drainage bag is always below me, and sometimes I'm wet in the morning on the soaker. I've wondered if splitting the dose to twice a day would make a difference? I know the drug has a long half life, so it may not make much of a difference - what do you think?

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    We never clamp indwelling catheters in those with a neurogenic bladder. This promotes reflux of colonized urine. It is likely that your bladder is shrinking due to the use of an indwelling catheter, and all the cholenergic meds and Botox in the world will not prevent leakage if your capacity is exceeded. Do you leak when you are attached to a bag??


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    ktv, I have a sp catheter and use a clamping valve too. I release mine like you every 2 hours, and have never had a uti or reflux issue. I leak a tiny bit through my stoma around the catheter, not enough to be a problem. My cath size is 16.
    I do have an issue with continence. i am a female, had 2 kids but pelvic floor was OK before SCI. I am currently using Oxybutynin patches, it is a similar drug to the one you are taking but i didn't want to take it orally.
    You should only take your Enablex once daily as prescribed.
    do you need to go up a size in your cath?

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    Increasing catheter size is the wrong direction to go for leakage. Since the catheter is leaking because it is plugged, this would also not help at all, and the larger catheter is more irritating to the bladder, causing more bladder spasm. Indwelling catheter clamping apparently is accepted in Australia and Canada, but is not acceptable by either SCI nor infection control standards in the USA.


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