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Thread: Rotator Cuff Tear Repair - Would Like To Hear About Your Experience

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    Sounds exciting gac, really looking forward to your thoughts on the flex 10. I'm always lookinbg for womething to work the muscles you spoke of.

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    To gac3rd:

    Please bear with me as I'm new to this forum. I'm 53 and have been a paraplegic for nearly 33 years now. I've remained strong and active up until the past few years. I've recently noticed a considerable loss in muscle mass in my upper extremities due to pain issues in my hands, wrists, and lower back, that have kept me from staying as active as I've been in the past. So, I've moved from Alaska to southwest Utah in hopes of staying more active year-round, especially on my handcycle.

    I've never had any arm or shoulder pain up until this past month. I have a very slight pain in my left rotator cuff and have begun seeing a PT this past couple of weeks in order to be super proactive in hopes of avoiding rotator cuff surgery in the future. I think this problem has been caused by the way I transfer into my truck, always having to reach out and back to put my wheelchair back on and off.

    I'm intrigued about the Body Bar Flex 10 you've mentioned here. Have you had an opportunity to try it yet? If so, what exercises have you focused on?

    I'm hoping to share this information asap with my PT, so many thanks for any information you can share.

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    I had terrible pain in my right shoulder a few years ago, and was treated for almost a year as if it was a rotator cuff problem (the massages & ultrasoundkept the pain down, but no improvement). Got a new physiatrist, and he & the new PT realized I was just using my muscles incorrectly (overusing rhomboids, letting scapula wing out, etc). After some neuromuscular retraining, my shoulders were good as new. I'm guessing this coud be a common problem, as most clinicians see shoulder problems in a wheelchair user & assume that the rotator cuff is the culprit.

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    To Patrick and Jamie. Sorry I have been so slow. In the end the Body Bar Flex did not work out for me. In fact it made things worse. We have a PT in the family and she was kind enough to spend and hour with me in my house looking things over. She pointed out that the BBF was exercising things that did not need it, and missing the stuff that did. I guess the motion was good, and it felt good for awhile, but in the end I relapsed badly and I think some of this was due to use of (or perhaps overuse of) the BBF.
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