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Thread: am i doing enough?

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    I am a C4 8 months post. I workout Mon-Fri (PT,OT,gym,personal trainers). I left my chair at 5 months and walk everywhere with my aid and a rollator. I am not a good walker and have 1 fall a week, usually at home. Workout hard and get weight bearing on those legs and shoulders. Besides protien I take Juven.

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    wow thanks everybody! i feel alot better now and appreciate all of the advice.
    i will continue pushing myself harder each and everyday. everything is getting easier as im regaining my arm strength and my neck/shoulders become less sore.

    i used to be very mechanical from working on my race quads to fixing wrecked vehicles. i recently got into remote control cars along with my girlfriend, dad, and brother so we get some good races going on. i spend alot of time working on them and am getting alot better with using tools again. using the controller is also helping my hands alot while having fun.

    i would love to get a hand cycle because before this i was into mtn biking and bmx. well i pretty much lived on wheels before this haha. quads, dirtbikes, pitbikes, mtn bikes, bmx bikes, unicycle, crotch rockets, heeleys. is it possible that insurance would cover a handcycle? if not then ill go with a stationary krankcycle for now.

    i follow through with everything my ot tells me to do. i also help my girlfriend fold laundry, i look at it as working on my hands haha. i push my pt to let me do more. at first they were just doing estim and i asked for freeweights so i can work my upper body while im just laying there. i am going to be doing the stimbike for july and after that we are goin to start using the standing frame and working on getting me one for home. i wish my pt was longer than 45min so i could do more at a time. i was asking them about braces and walking canes but they said at my level it would not be doable.

    i will look into wc sports. i was never a mainstream sports type of guy but now im open to new things.

    the past 2 days have been very exciteing for me. at rehab when i would try pushups my back would just curve and my hips would stay flat on the ground but 2 days ago when i tried i could get my hips up off of the mat and i even got up onto my hands and knees bymyself several times.
    yesterday while my girlfriend was stretching me i wiggled my toes on my right foot for the first time. they dont move much but there definitely moveing and now i keep trying to pretty much all day haha. when i try with my other foot she says my little toe twitches a little bit. it is such a good feeling getting some movement back.

    also if any of you want to know more about my story here is a link to a news story on my rehab that made front page of the patriot newspaper.

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    I believe that you should not push yourself to exhaustion because that might impair healing. Your spine is still healing this soon after the injury. However, you can give your nerves plenty of stimulus without exhausting yourself. My 2 cents. Good luck to you.

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