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Thread: Into The Wild

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    Sorry, I forget what made me look for this thread just now, but I'll note I didn't like the book. He did not seem valorous to me at all, just stupid. Unless you intend to die and put your family through that, you should plan more responsibly. I bet even Thoreau told someone where he was going/
    So a little late -great paper. I didn 't remember all that
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    Was Ryan White the boy who got AIDS by blood transfusion in the 80s and was treated so terribly?

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    Yes, Linda, he was. Re Into the Wild, my older bro had a fantasy of disappearing. Once, cleaning out an oil tank, he was overcome by fumes, woke up outside where he'd dragged himself. He said "Great place to die and never be found." OMG I was FURIOUS. Ppl should try to not leave their fams in the infinite agony of not-knowing. My ppl are all dead,but nobody is MIA and I'm forever grateful for that. McCandless might have grown into a truly cool person.I don't think he was quite there yet.

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    Related to Into the Wild, I think, is a documentary called Grizzly Man, about a man who lives among the grizzlies of Alaska. It was beautiful and terrifying and it really hit me.

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