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    Exercise Mat

    I am looking to purchase a good quality exercise mat for at home use that will allow me to do some elbow weight bearing. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Check out a place called Massage Warehouse. We got one last year for Ryan (Incomplete C-2) and he uses it daily. They come in different sizes and weight limits. We got a 5' x 7' with a weight limit of 800 pounds. This way my husband or I (or both) could get on with him to assist with getting on his stomach and on his elbows like you are wanting to do. He is now able to roll over on his own but still needs help getting onto his elbows.

    My husband looked for weeks to find the very best deal so I am confident that we got the best price available. We were not able to find a used one that was not totally junk and paid just over $750 for the one we got. I think it was well worth it since Ryan uses it not only for exercising but also for stretching. It is the same type of mat that they had at rehab and actually better than the one where he does therapy now (because it is bigger).--eak

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    got one listed on my exercise article..(link below)....scroll towards bottom.... click on it to check it will find others as well there.. hope u find what u need
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    Not sure what size or thickness you are looking for but we use these from Power Systems

    For larger mats we use these:

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    How about skate board elbow pads? $10 at walmart.

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