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    Atlantic Monthly article

    The June issue has a pair of stories about cloning, one of them built around the story of a couple trying to save their little boy's life, the other a commentary about how the media and politics are impacting the research timeline. They're good articles, thoughtful and carefully written . . . unfortunately the cover blows the whole thing. It's a giant picture of half a toddler's face, with the title CLONING TREVOR written large off to one side. The thing couldn't be more sensationalist, and definitely doesn't live up to the work inside. I guess they have to sell magazines, though.

    A related item: the second article lists a number of organizations who "recently sent a letter to Congress expressing their opposition to therapeutic cloning--among them Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club . . ." This pissed me off! We've been supporting the Sierra Club for a very long time, and I don't recall their asking my permission to lobby Congress on this issue on my behalf. If any of you have ties to them, get on the phone and give them some grief. The DC phone # is 202 547-1141.

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    Kate, as you now know, the Sierra Club has no position on cloning. They rightly view it as outside their sphere of interest. They got lumped in with the opposition because one of their board members signed a letter calling for a moratorium on theraputic cloning and the Right-To-Life movement took that as an endorsement from the entire club. They ran some ads in North Dakota saying the Sierra Club supported the Brownback bill, which pissed them off to say the least. If any of you see or hear an ad that says this sort of thing about the Sierra Club, let me know and I will pass it to their media relations people.

    As a life member of the Sierra Club, I too was pissed when I read the same article. I have more info about this issue which I will post in the next day or so, including a letter written by the president of Friends of the Earth that advances a specious argument against theraputic cloning. Stand by for more.

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