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Thread: Rank Ti Lite, Invacare, Quickie, Ki Mobility. best option.

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    Your footplate

    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    A full welded tilite
    Toto, you had a post on here about the aluminum foot plates that you made.
    I want to see those photos again, where are they?

    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-dog View Post
    I will personally never own another Tilite chair after my catastrophe with my ZRA s2. It works well now but it took 6 months of unnecessary arguing and unneeded stress from the DME and with Tilite. Todd from Tilite on the other hand was great to deal with. Overall bad experience with my first chair.

    I just got my Ti ZR and after some aggravating adjustments, it beats my Quickie in every way except the back upholstery.

    The Ti upholstery is shoddy cheap and junk.

    I just happened to have a new quickie back (upholstery only) in the closet, put it on the Ti, now I have my perfect chair.

    The ZR a is a keeper.

    I love it!
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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