Hello everyone, this is my first post, but I’ve been reading and doing a lot of research on here and have learned a ton of info (I wish I’d found this site years ago!!) but I can’t seem to find a “definitive” answer to my last question/issue so I thought I’d ask for some advice / guidance….
I’ve been rolling around in a Quickie R2 since I got hurt a few years back, it was never a great a fit but it’s what I ended up with and couldn’t afford to buy anything different, but now it’s time to hit up my insurance (and probably spend a little out of pocket money) and get me a new TiLite ZRA. (I don’t weigh very much and load my chair into a car everyday so I want to give the open frame a try this go around)
My current Quickie R2 is a 16x18 with 80 degree front end. My issue is that the seat upholstery and Roho valve hit the back of my legs a little bit (Cushion is 18” too). So my question is, since I don’t have the capability or means to demo any TiLites, does anyone have any recommendations as to seat depth and frame depth for a new TiLite ZRA Series 2 with 85 degree front end?
Possibilities that I see:
1. No Change – 16x18 with 85 degree front end

2. 16x17 +1 with 85 degree front end. This would give me an extra inch before the upholstery but keep same frame depth of 18”…..but Roho only has 16” & 18” deep cushions so if I kept the 18” cushion, it would still be hitting most likely.

3. 16x16 +1 with 85 degree front end. This would allow a 16” cushion to fit, and give the wheelbase of 17” frame depth. But I’m worried about 2 inches shorter on the upholstery and cushion being too drastic of a change. or the 17" frame being too short.
My femur length is 20” and I’m around 5’-10” so that is how I was fitted for the R2….they subtracted the standard 2”, but it never felt right, upholstery hits my legs, and the rubbing causes me some leg spasms.
Thanks in advance for any help and I apologize if this topic has been covered before, I’m just nervous and want a good fitting chair and its time to get the measurements all figured out and I wanted some advice from someone other than my DME.