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Thread: rediscovering consciousness in people diagnosed as vegetative

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    rediscovering consciousness in people diagnosed as vegetative


    Please follow the above link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amydupont View Post
    Please follow the above link.
    No offense Amy but since you are new to the forum I wanted to tell people that the real url is

    and it is legitimate (and very interesting) article on people in vegetative states.

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    Thanks, T8. Normally this would be removed as spam, since it is a first post by an unknown person, with a URL included, and no profile for the poster. Caution should be exercised in selecting and clicking on such posts.


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    I don't give a shit. I'm stating emphatically on this forum that if I am ever in a vegetative state, pull the plug. I don't need my ass trapped in a bed with no ability to communicate while people try to discover that I'm painfully aware of how much my life sucks. Death is not the worst thing to happen to you, in fact, it happens to every living thing. Prolonging the living and suffering because you have some notion of how special life is doesn't negate the suffering and certainly doesn't make death any less inevitable.

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