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    Question Brain Tumor

    I have had a brain surgury back in 95, but not all of the bad tissue could be removed. The doctors said that it is very unlikely that the tumor would grow again because it was a good one. It just was too big(could have been there since I was born) Since that I only had 2 check ups. Do you think that I should check more often? I mean I don´t want to go through that horror again....

    Do other people here have the same feelings?

    It would be very nice If I would get some secound thoughts on this and I am very sorry if my english is not great but im from Germany.


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    My now 21 year old son had a tumor removed from his brain twice when he was 12/ The first surgery (done at the local children's hospital) was primarily to diagnose the type of tumor. The second surgery was done at UVA three months later to remove as much of the tumor as possible without sacrificing healthy brain tissue. His tumor was in the left frontal lobe and unheard of in children. He has continued to follow up with specialists twice a year since. He has an MRI done every six months and is monitored for his anti seizure meds. He will take these meds for the rest of his life has he continues to have "spiking" on EEG. He takes the least toxic anti seizure medication and we were told years ago that if he went of it to see what would happen, that the current medication may longer work. We know that if is misses a dose, he will have a seizure (happened on Christmas days several years ago, he missed morning dose and had a seizure about noon that day). AS long as he takes the meds, he is fine.

    The void that was left when the tumor was removed has filled with fluid but is not putting pressure on his brain so they just watch it.

    I understand the desire to avoid what you went through before but if anything is going on, it is best to know. By the time you have symptoms, it will be worse. Ignorance is not always bliss.--eak

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    I have a slow growing brain tumor - they say it's benign because of it's slow growth - but I still get an MRI yearly, it' just my opinion, but it wouldn't hurt? Better to know than not, as ekephart said - ignorance isn't always bliss.

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    Tom, get it checked if you are troubled by it, especially if you begin having symtoms it could be growing. Also, there are low side effect meds that can keep some brain tumors in check. A good friend of mine has a tumor and takes an oral med a couple of times a week. She does not have chemo side effects and yet her tumor is no longer growing.

    If you need treatment again, it could be something that will not adversely affect your quality of life.

    BTW, your English is really good.

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