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    Standard Exercise

    I'm C4 A ASIA. Can I know what is a Standard Exercise?

    Now, I do it twice a day, each time 1 1/2 hour. Each leg 25mins and each hand 15-20mins. Isn't ok?

    In the early time after my injured, my family did very often to me b'coz they thought that it'll increase the recovery process. Was it wrong thinking?

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    not sure what you mean by "standard exercise"...what exactly are you looking to find out? what do you do twice a day??...what did your family do to you?......if you describe better, you will get answers
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    Are you talking about range of motion (ROM) stretching exercises, or something like "patterning"? The former should be done once daily for everyone with SCI on all affected joints, but should not take more than about 20 minutes (10 repetitions per joint usually). Patterning, sometimes used in TBI or CP, is of questionable benefit in SCI.


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    Sorry, I don't know the specific name. Yes, I'm talking about range of motion (ROM) Stretching exercises. But I do about 5 minutes per joint, so am I do it too much?

    What is "patterning", TBI and CP?

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    As long as you are well stretched out with 10 reps per joint, properly done, full body ROM should not take more than 20 minutes.

    TBI = traumatic brain injury
    CP = cerebral palsy

    "Patterning" is a type of exercise where the caregiver moves paralyzed or partially paralyzed body parts through a simulated crawling motion (both arms and legs). Even in CP and TBI it is of questionable benefit, and certainly does not have any good research base in SCI as beneficial for either spinal cord repair or increasing return.


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