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Thread: Talcum Powder...bad?

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    Talcum Powder...bad?

    So I use the "man-pads" for just in case from my spastic Monster-S bladder.

    Well I scrub a lil talc down there like Johnson and johnson...Suppose to right?

    Well I am hearing it gives you cancer cause it's sort of like asbestos?.....

    Why woul dthey use it on infants, why would they use it period?

    A product that's been around for decades and seemed like a trusty, harmless thing turns out to be bad?

    Tell me it's not true.

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    where did you hear it causes cancer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    where did you hear it causes cancer?

    My niece had the baby over the other day and she mentioned she didn't use baby powder because it causes breathing problems and cancer.

    I was like "oh damn" because I like the smell of it and always take a few wiffs out of the shower ect ect.

    I went on Google and it has info about this.

    Now I have no idea what to do.

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    I heard that a few years back about using it on my lady parts. It may irritate the inside of your bits x

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    I was told by my pediatrition in the eighties that it is ok, but try not to fill the air with the dust, so it isnt breathed in. to use it sparingly.

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    some studies say it gives u cancer, others say it doesnt <shrug> same goes for some nail polishes so it;s one of those personal decisions u make for urself
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    I dont know, some really old folks have been using it all their lives.
    i recon powered rock is like powered glass, so stayes in your lungs if you breathe it. I like the stuff. johnsons baby bath, and baby lotion.

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    I use gold bond body powder... basically so I don't smell like baby powder. Unless you go all Tony Montana and snort piles of it I can't see it causing you any harm with long term use.

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    the concern is breathing it in. don't nit in your lungs. Use sparingly if at all

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    I was told years ago to avoid talc because it can clog a pore and create a cyst. Corn starch powder is much better and serves exactly the same function. Johnson & Johnson make it now, along with many other companies.

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