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Thread: My new accessible house!

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    Nice place man.

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    Excellent job!

    Excellent job!


    I'm jealous!

    How many square feet?

    Why did you go with double hung windows rather than casement windows?

    Picture of kitchen sink area?

    I found the kitchen sink to be the hardest thing to find for our home being built.

    The contractors have until August 1st to complete it. June 1st they installed the granite counter tops.

    Did you design it, an architect or pre-design house plans?

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    That is just nifty as can be. It is hard to keep a house clean, for sure, but you've succeeded in making your place minimal, streamlined and beautiful all at the same time - not a lot of superfluous surfaces or carpeting to deal with. Thanks for sharing these pics and ideas, as they can be adapted to so many types of living spaces.

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    wow, lovely, seems huge.
    you must be proud.

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    Love your place

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    Beautiful home. I noticed a lot of white cabinets, are you worried about scratching them up? That would be my biggest problem trying not to run into the cabinets and I'm in a manual.

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    Wow, I'm impressed! You've thought of everything. Ever consider a career as an accessible living consultant?

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    Your home is really beautiful. Looks like everything is well planned. Congrats!

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    Love the house! We had to convert our house... but we love it anyway. It was a single story ranch to begin with and we were lucky to be able to do the conversion economically.

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    Gorgeous house! And very fine appointments! Bonne Chance!

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