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Thread: My new accessible house!

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    Did it again, I am an idiot. One more time, kitchen and living room. As you can see I wanted everything very open.

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    Living room and back porch with ramp. Sorry, some of these are older pics.

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    Thanks for sharing...yes some pics of the bathroom would be great as well

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    Here is the main bathroom. If you notice in my roll in shower, along with the regular and handheld shower nozzles, I also had a regular bath style faucet put in the bottom. Looks kind of weird but I did that so I did not have to use the sink to clean cath bags. Also works great for mopping, ect......

    (again, sorry. old pics before sink was done)

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    Wow, that's so cool. You've really thought it out and the builders did such a good job. Your whole house looks like it's easy to clean and as efficient as can be.

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    Also, if you notice I had them pour the entrance without steps, a very gradual slope.
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    Hi Bonnette,

    Yes it makes it easy to clean, but of course as you probably know hard to keep it that way with the chair. Here's me trying without much luck.

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    forgot to attach the stinkin pic again!

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    I decided to go with a 3 car garage so I would have room to but down ramp on my side of the garage.
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    Ramp to main bedroom porch on north side of home.

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