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Thread: My new accessible house!

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    My new accessible house!

    Hello everyone. I wanted to share pictures of my house with you. I've been meaning to put these up for a while but I'm just now getting to it. Sorry. I've lived in this house a couple of years and really love it. It has giving me so much more accessibility and allowed me to do many things I could not do before on my own like use the microwave, have a nice big roll in shower, use the sinks, and stove top easily, and be able to have access to many cabinets for myself, to get food, supplies, and ect.. I hope some of this helps any of you that need ideas.

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    I designed the bathroom and kitchen to have wheelchair access under the sinks and stove. The doors open for space under each.

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    Very nice, did u build it from ground up? Looks expensive ..//
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    Awesome! More pix?

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    Sweetness. I dont know if I will ever own a home but it would be a dream come true if it we're as nice and affordable. Enjoy an early morning cup of tea for me will you.

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    Hello, yes we built it ground up. I designed the house layout and exterior on my computer. Then I took that to B&G Drafting here in Springfield and the finalized the plans for me.

    But I wanted:

    1. Access to: sinks, cook top, microwave, pantrys
    2. Hurricane straps on roof (since I live in tornado country, about 50 miles from Joplin)
    3. Access to all exits in case of a fire, ect...
    4. Nice big roll in shower
    5. Nice big ''roll in'' closet
    6. Spacy hallways, rooms for wheelchair maneuvering

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some things

    I went to Besser woodworks in Bolivar Mo, and gave them a outline of what I wanted access wise for cabinets. Then they custom made the cabinets in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. It actually ended up being a better price that way! They were very reasonable.

    Here is something I came up with that really help for access. The first is large roll out shelve for my pantry, so I can reach things even on the back of the shelves from my chair.

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    This next thing helps me allot for microwave use. I had them make a pull out ledge directly under the microwave. That way since I am a quad (c4-5) and can't use my hands, I can just pull whatever I cook down to that shelf where I have better access to it. Since I cant use my hands/ wrist I use a device I made that I have named the ''Superstick 2000'' (my wife calls it the ''crazystick'' haha) to open the microwave and pull hot stuff out of microwave (I need to make a video for this stuff).
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    Did it again, I am an idiot. One more time, kitchen and living room. As you can see I wanted everything very open.

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    Living room and back porch with ramp. Sorry, some of these are older pics.

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    Wow, that is awesome! I love the cupboard draws that open so that you can get under the sink when needed, and yet give that finished look when closed. Wishing you many years of happiness there!

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