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    Anybody using the supplement Jack3d? Good energy boost? Thoughts?

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    I haven't tried Jack3d but I thought I'd mention this place...

    That's where I order all my supplements from. They're cheap, have fast shipping, have a rewards program and great customer service. If you buy in volume, you get even better discounts. And they're close to you. Near Vancouver. Shipping is basically overnight. Love it.

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    I'm taking it. It works great only bad thing is that it makes my shin itch alittle.

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    Is it just an energy booster? Im looking at dropping 5-10lbs by september

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    Yeah its a energy booster. Alot like coffee but with aminos and creatin in it. It works great for me but I'm a big coffee drinker so I don't know how strong it wil be for you.

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    Im using similar product yok3d for exercising and works good

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