I have been batteling constipation for a while now, small hard balls in small amounts. My famliy Doc told me to take lactolose everynight to get things going, but after doing a little research on the forum I found out it's not got to take lactolose on a everyday basis.

I met with a DR who is a intestine and bowel speacialist and he told me to take
5- metamucil psyllium pils twice daily
1- docusate sodium twice daily
1- senokot at night only

I have had noticed it's softer but it's still small balls and not getting better. But the Dr told when I start getting backed up to take Purg-odan or magnesium oxide citric acid sodium picosulfate powder which is the same stuff they give you for a colonoscopy. IS that safe? how long does that take to work or run thru you?

ohh, and I drink 3plus litres at day of water..