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Thread: A new cure blog............

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    A new cure blog............

    Dear CC community,
    I'm in the process of planning a (new) blog which I'm hoping to launch in the new year. I wanted to pitch it here to get some feedback on the general idea. I'd appreciate any of your thoughts.


    • to present scientific and research information in an accessible and condensed form. It will be published monthly and each edition will tackle a different line of research/research institution. So for example, the 1st blog may explore Ch'ase, the 2nd may explore Wings for Life etc etc.
    • to breakdown overly scientific language and present the information in laymen's terms. My assumption is that for some, this may be their first exploration of SCI research and therefore I want to keep it simple, concise and engaging
    • to contextualise the information, enabling readers to be able to answer the question: 'What does this mean for me?'

    From reading each blog, I'm hoping that readers will be able to answer the following 6 questions regarding the specific line of research:

    1. What is this line of research all about?
    2. Who is running it/funding it?
    3. Which scientific problems are being addressed?
    4. Where are we up to with this line of research? What is the latest?
    5. What are the plans/next steps?
    6. What are the challenges and barriers?

    I must confess that at present, I would not be able to answer these 6 questions when considering a majority of the current lines of research. Have I failed as an advocate because of this? Maybe so, but I would like to rectify that situation by using this blog to go on a educational journey. If I thought I was the only one struggling to get my head around current research then I would keep this blog private but I doubt that I am the only one. I also think it's important to say that this blog would be advertised as the tip of the iceberg. I'd publicise more technical blogs and be sure to point people in the direction of articles/journals where they could develop their understanding. This blog would by no means be exhaustive, merely an accessible introduction.

    Many thanks,

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    I like your idea and would welcome the information. Count me in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mombo View Post
    I like your idea and would welcome the information. Count me in!
    The layout/format of the blog is very good! Count me in too. As long as we keep the subjective from the objective.

    No issue with voicing an opinion, but if the aim is to present research in laymen terms then it would be good to keep an opinion in a separate paragraph.

    Keep it up

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