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Thread: Paraplegic move legs after stem cell procedure- Brazilian Center of Cell Theraphy

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    I can vouch for your comments, i had attended the stem cell inc screening process in Bulgrist university hospital Switzerland last August. All was free of charge, flights, meals, accommodation ect.., for me and a companion i had taken. A whole week morning to evening was dedicated to document tests about my health and SCI condition. It is paramount that my pre treatment status and after treatment status be clearly documented. The is the scope of the trial to prove without doubt that the it's anticipated outcomes have been met or not met, learn and move on.
    Alas a pressure sore and MRSA had excluded me. As for now trails are still in the very early stages to prove safety let alone efficacy that is why only 20 micro ltrs are being injected above, below and into the injury site, this will be changed to 50micro ltrs later on. i am optimistic about safety but efficacy for now is not the main focus. the first patient had under gone this procedure last Sebt but it is a four year study. Before a therapy is proven anyone in my opinion who at this stage sells any type of stem cell treatment for SCI is unprofessional.
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