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Thread: Need advice: changing Tilite caster tire

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    Yeah, the SoftRolls are great. The difference is huge compared to all the other stuff I've used. Never have tried Frogslegs.

    Btw I got lucky in a way. A friend was trying to change the tires on his Ti casters and couldn't do it. He was on the phone with Ti, exchanged emails etcetera and gave it all he had. Couldn't do it. He gave up and bought some childs scooter wheels/tires for fifteen bucks. Anyhow, he gave me the new set of tires he had bought and gave me his old casters. So I figure I can practice taking the wheels apart without doing any damage to my own.

    I know this last bit sounds a little ungrateful but darn I wish he had given them to me a week earlier. I just bought a set and money is tight, I could have used that $75. Sorry for being jerky.

    When I do figure out how to get the wheels apart (a friend recommends two C-clamps), I'll have enough in tires to last me a very long time :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    very interesting! why?

    I have had only TiLite's SR, but have been considering getting FLs. Your preference intrigues me.
    they really seem to have more drag than the TiLite softrolls. they are like a hollow rubber wheel and they are wider and have more surface contact. the different material just seem to have more resistance with the ground, they roll free when not on ground, but seems like it takes more effort to push since I put on FL, but i love having the unitine fork. haven't messed with putting the Ti softroll on unitne fork yet since I have a new ZR coming with the untine and Tilite softrolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jschism View Post
    they really seem to have more drag than the TiLite softrolls.
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