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Thread: Boyfriend new C3 injury from Tornado

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    So many emotions swirl while trying to make sense of a traumatic injury. It'll be a rough ride for you both but we all cope differently. I remember many phone calls to my hubby while in rehab, crying & saying the same thing. It's so tough when you realize, too, the care that's needed like doing bowel & bladder care & wondering about sexual function alone from just the paralyzed limbs. I wish you both so much luck. Try getting him into counseling, then with you both.

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    I read lots of good advice above. I want to offer my encouragement and prayers too. Hopefully your BF will continue to recover, and it sounds like he should definitely get off the vent, which would be a huge blessing.

    That said, life isn't necessarily bad, even with high-level quadriplegia and a vent. I'm a C1-2 and have used a vent for the last 13.5+ years.

    I too was highly independent before being injured and was highly depressed when I initially discovered my new condition. But life will get significantly BETTER when he figures out what he can still do, and what he can recover. That's what rehab is for -- maximize the opportunity!

    That said, he'll still be figuring out additional things he can do even after rehab.

    If interested, here's a link about my story and my approach to post-SCI life:

    I need to update the above, but I think it shows life can still be good and much can still be accomplished. Fun can still be had too -- I bowled a legit 223 recently. For details, visit:


    God bless!

    Bill Miller
    Max sorry about your situation, trust in God, Bill you are a hero, God bless you guys
    Every rose has its thorn
    Just like every night has its dawn

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